Student Residences: A-D (First Year)

Phase I (A-D) : Four residence halls stand in a cluster around a courtyard about five minutes walk northeast of the major campus plaza buildings. The residence halls are constructed of reinforced concrete. "A" Building is ten stories tall, and buildings "B", "C", and "D" are five stories tall and very similar in design. "A" Building is the only facility that contains any traditional residence hall rooms, having single studios and double studios. The residence halls also contain three-, four-, and five-person apartments of varying floor plans. In 1997, "A" Building was retrofitted for fire system improvements which included installing a new fire alarm and sprinkler system. A new high security lock system was installed in 1996-97. Residential and Dining Services Offices are in A – 3rd Floor.

Drawings & Floor Plans: For Contractors Only—if needed, please contact Assistant Director of Residential Facilities, Jaymie Lacina, (360) 867-6107


Official Name
Student Residences: A-D (First Year)
Square Footage
108,506 square feet
4319 Indian Pipe Loop NW

Building History

Date of Construction: 1971-1972

Architect: The Bumgardner Partnership

Renovation Date: None