Childcare Center (CCC)

Originally a wooden structure that the college purchased with the campus property in 1967, the Center was a privately owned meat processing facility. The building was remodeled in 1983 and served as the Facilities Office and art studios in years past.

The Child Care Center expansion was completed in December of 2004. The college expanded the existing center and incorporated as many environmentally friendly and sustainable practices as possible. A few of the features that the users will benefit from are the low flow plumbing and hands free children's faucets, use of recycled material such as concrete, carpet, insulation, use of low volatile organic compound paints, and energy and light studies performed and used to design the layout of the building.

Campus staff, students and parents volunteered their labor to assist with the installation of some of the playground equipment which was designed and constructed by Leon Smith. The landscaping was designed and installed by Benjamin Helmes. Both individuals are Evergreen students.


Official Name: Child Care Center

3,057 square feet

Building History

Date of Construction: 1969

Renovation Date: December 2004

Architect: Environmental Works–Community Design Center, Seattle, Washington

2824 Fireweed Drive NW

Day care for college students, faculty and staff