Tips for International Students

Registering for Classes

1. Meet with the Coordinator of International Programs or an Academic Advisor each quarter to discuss your upcoming academic plans and interests. Create a Plan A, Plan B and Plan C in case you do not get your first choice. Complete any required application forms, visit faculty, and get needed signatures before your registration time. Check the online catalog often for changes to the program. For example, they might decide to allow Freshmen into a class that was only for Sophomores before. Prepare your list of CRN’s (Course Registration Numbers) since this is the only data you will need to enter when registering.

2. Know exactly when your Registration Time Ticket starts by checking your student account. Always be ready to go online and register for the next quarter’s classes at your assigned time during Week 10 of each quarter. The exception is for fall quarter. Registration for fall always begins in May. The first 5 minutes of your time ticket is critical to getting the class you want.

3. Clear any HOLDS you have on your account. Many HOLDS prevent you from registering. If you can’t register at your Time Ticket because of a HOLD, it will be very frustrating and your plans will fall apart.

4. Use the waitlists. If your first choice is full, you can usually add your name to a wait list. If an opening occurs, you will be added to the class. If you are between 1 and 7 on a wait list, you have a good chance of getting into the class. You can put yourself on 4 wait lists if you want, but you must prioritize your first, second choice and so on. You can do this online.

5. You must pay your tuition by the Friday of Week One of each quarter. If you do not, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to register for future classes.

6. The Friday before Week One is important. After this, many students will be dropped from classes due to changes in their plans. This is when the wait lists will shift greatly and you may get into your Plan A class or there may be other new openings.

7. Always go to the first day of your registered class. If you do not go, you will be dropped from the class and a waitlist student will take your place. If you are on a waitlist for your Plan A class, go to the first day of THAT class. You must be present to be added to a class on or after the first day. If you have an emergency and can’t be in class the first day, CONTACT THE PROFESSOR!

8. If you need to drop one class and then add another, it is best to do this using the paper form and taking it to Registration if possible. If there is a problem with the new class, Registration can save your spot in the old class. You can’t do this in the online format.

9. You can order your books online through the Bookstore, pay for them and have them ready for pick up the next day. Saves time, looking for books, and waiting in lines.