Getting Comfortable at Evergreen


  • Check in at the Housing Office in A-Dorm, 3rd Floor or the HCC
  • Move into your dorm room. Meet your roommate. Call your family!


  • Buy a Meal Plan
  • Or shop for food and cooking items if you plan to cook for yourself.
  • Safeway is the closest grocery store on the #48 bus route.

Student ID

  • Get your Student ID at the Registration Office, Library 1101
  • Be sure to get a current quarter sticker on the back to ride the buses.
  • Memorize your “A” number and your My Evergreen passwords


  • Set up your Evergreen E-mail account on-line through My Evergreen.


  • If you have not registered for a class yet, talk to Michael about doing this as soon as possible, or log on to My Evergreen and register for an open class.

Pay Tuition

  • Pay your tuition and fees at the Cashiers Office, Library 1118, by the Friday of Week One of classes.


  • If you don’t have international student insurance yet, go to Student Accounts, Library 1112 and ask about the Evergreen insurance policy, or ask Michael about other options.


  • If you do not have a bank account here and want one, look at the choices at the Washington State Employees Credit Union. They have an ATM on campus, so you do not have to pay extra fees.


  • Use your Student ID with your current quarter sticker to ride the buses for free.
  • Get the schedules for Bus 41 and 48 in the Bookstore.
  • If you have a car, buy a quarterly or year-long parking permit at Parking Services in Seminar I, third floor. Attach it to your window.


  • If you are registered in your first choice program, then buy or rent your books at the Bookstore in the CAB. You can order them online in advance from the website. Some student save money by buying used books on the internet or at Orca Books downtown Olympia.


  • Visit Seminar I building to see where the Health Center is. If you get sick, you will know where to go. Police Services is also in Sem I in case you ever have a safety emergency.


  • Visit all the buildings on campus to learn where different offices are. Be sure to explore the Library and its services. Don’t forget the Bookstore in the CAB.

Social Life

  • Spend time with your roommate. Go to the Student Activities Office in the CAB and join a student club. Explore the Gym, called the CRC, and get into some exercise.