Academic Success

Key tips and resources for international students to find academic success at Evergreen

An Evergreen Education

At Evergreen you can layer your interests choosing from more than 45 Fields of Study to follow your own path of learning, or select one of 11 pre-planned Paths to achieve your goals. Whether you build your own route or select a defined Path, you will study interconnected subjects that reflect real-world complexity. Acquire an education that prepares you to think, create, analyze and solve problems.

Narrative evaluations help you make sense of what you’ve learned. Your faculty will give you more than just a single letter grade.

Learn how to develop your Area of Emphasis. Rather than your degree indicating your area of expertise, you design and articulate what you've learned and how you've developed key skills. 

Another way to package and articulate your undergraduate experience is by enrolling in  new academic certificates.

You choose your programs and design your education. Your Academic Statement is your map, being built along the way. Learn more about the Annual Academic Statement and the Final Academic Statement

Selecting Undergraduate Coursework

Get the most out of your education and find the academic programs and courses that are right for you.

All programs and courses are listed in the Academic Catalog.

  • Search by Field of Study
  • Search by Path
  • Search by Level (exploratory to advanced) 

Each quarter, faculty host an Academic Fair to showcase their upcoming programs and courses. This is one of the best ways to find the right coursework! 

Individual Learning Contract and Internship Contracts

An Individual Learning Contract (ILC) is negotiated between an advanced student (with more than 90 credits) and faculty/staff sponsor who has knowledge in the area to be studied. Is there something really specific you would love to study? Consider doing an ILC! It is one of the most unique and special components of an Evergreen education. 

An internship can be a great way to get hands-on experience in your area of study. Visit the Internship Learning Contract (INT) site for details. 

Remember, as an international student, you have strict requirements when engaging in internship activities (paid or non-paid). Contact the Office of International Programs & Services to talk about the process. 

Support Services

In addition to International Programs & Services, there are other offices here to support your educational journey! 

Academic and Career Advising can help you design your education, select upcoming coursework, and discuss ways to apply your education in real-world settings. Reach out to International Programs & Services for advisor recommendations. 

Access Services for Students with Disabilities works with admitted Evergreen students to ensure equal access to academic programs and services.

TRiO Student Success Services provides access to numerous tools and resources intended to help them stay in school and earn a college degree. Students who are first in their families to attend college, low-income, and/or have disabilities are eligible to apply for TRiO. 

The Daniel J. Evans Library is committed to helping students develop your critical thinking and research skills. Located on the 2nd floor of Evans Hall, many services are also online. 

QuaSR provides tutoring services in math and science.

The Writing Center offers workshops and one-on-one support for students on writing assignments.

F-1 Undergraduate International Students


Know exactly when your "Registration Time Ticket" starts by checking your student account at My Evergreen. View more details at Registration and Records. Always be ready to go online and register for the next quarter’s classes at your assigned time during Week 10 of each quarter. The exception is for fall quarter when registration begins in May. 

If you need to add or drop programs/classes, the process is located on Changing your Registration. If you would like assistance with the process, contact the Office of International Programs & Services. 

If the class/program you want is full, choose the waitlist option AND register for your alternate class/program choice. 

Note: you cannot register if you have holds on your account. Make sure they're removed before it's your turn to register. If you're having trouble and need support, reach out to International Programs & Services, we're here to help. 


  1. Meet with the Assistant Director for International Programs & Services or an Academic and/or Career Advisor each quarter to discuss your upcoming academic plans and interests. Create a Plan A, Plan B and Plan C in case you do not get your first choice.
  2. You should know what you want to register for BEFORE Week 10 of the prior quarter. 
  3. Use the waitlists. If your first choice is full, you can usually add your name to a wait list. If an opening occurs, you will be added to the class. If you are between 1 and 7 on a wait list, you have a good chance of getting into the class. You can put yourself on 4 wait lists if you want, but you must prioritize your first, second choice and so on. You can do this online.
  4. Always go to the first day of your registered class. If you're unable to attend, contact the professor(s) beforehand

F-1 Graduate International Students

Graduate students should connect directly with their program's Assistant Director for details on registration and scheduling. 

Master of Public Administration

Master in Teaching

Master of Environmental Studies

J-1 Exchange Students Registration

Unlike other international and domestic students, exchange students register each quarter with assistance from International Programs and Services. A few weeks prior to general registration, we will contact you for registration. 

See information above on selecting coursework before meeting with your exchange advisor. 

Email with questions