Responses to the Evergreen Student Experience Survey 2011

This page provides the responses of various student subgroups to the Evergreen Student Experience Survey 2011. Please contact Amadou Ba for more information or visit the Evergreen Student Experience Survey page for an overview of this and other related surveys.

You can view responses to individual survey questions for the following subgroups:

Note: Because of the low number of respondents, data for the Grays Harbor and Tribal: Reservation-Based Programs were not disaggregated.

Survey Questions
First-time, First Year
Olympia Campus
Tacoma Program
1. Please describe your primary field(s) of study or concentration at Evergreen.
2. Based on the classes you have taken and are planning to take, which of the following planning units best represent your academic choices at Evergreen?
3. What is your level of connectedness to the Evergreen community?
4. How does your academic workload seem to you this year?
5. Were you able to enroll in your first choice of academic offerings?
6. When did you take your classes this year?
7. If you were to design your dream program, what would it look like?
8. How confident are you in the following areas?
9. Do you plan to earn your bachelor's degree from Evergreen? If no or unsure, mark all that apply to your situation:
10. Indicate the highest degree you intend to earn at Evergreen or elsewhere.
11. Are you employed spring quarter?
12. Where are you living spring quarter?
13. How far do you typically commute to your campus?
14. How do you usually get to your campus?
15. What percent of the trips you take to and from your campus are by alternative transportation?
16. How satisfied are you with the following aspects of your learning environment at Evergreen?
17. How important do you think diversity at Evergreen is to your learning?
18. How much respect do you think there is for different backgrounds, perspectives, and lifestyles at Evergreen?
19. To what extent have your Evergreen experiences contributed to your growth in each of the following areas?
20. In pursuing your college education, how important are the following goals?
21. Have any of your parents attended college?
22. Do any of your parents have a 4-year college degree (or higher)?
23. How often have you used the following campus resources so far this academic year?
24. Do you have any dependent children who live with you?
25. If yes, have you found adequate childcare for your child(ren) while you attend school?
26. Have you ever served in the United States armed forces (including National Guard or reserve unit)?
27. Do you own a computer?
28. Is English your first language?
29. How do you identify racially/ethnically?
30. How do you identify yourself (Male/Female/Other)?
31. Do you identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or queer?
32. Imagine you had a single faculty advisor over the course of your Evergreen education; what kinds of questions would you ask that person?