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Responses to the Evergreen Student Experience Survey 2017

This page provides the responses of various student subgroups to the Evergreen Student Experience Survey 2017. Please contact Coral Garey for more information or visit the Evergreen Student Experience Survey page for an overview of this and other related surveys.

You can view responses to individual survey questions for the following subgroups:

Note: Because of the low number of respondents, data for the Grays Harbor and Tribal: Reservation-Based Programs were not disaggregated.

Survey Questions
First-time, First Year
Olympia Campus
Tacoma Program
1-2. Field of study
By CIP Codes (TBD)
3. Connectedness to program and community
4. Academic workload
5. Were you able to enroll in your first choice of academic offerings?
6. When did you take your classes this year?
7. Undergraduate research
8. Dream program
9. Confidence
10. Satisfaction
11. Exclusion
12. Diversity
13. Growth
14. Participation in High Impact Practices
15. Goals
16. Campus resource events
17. Campus resources
18. Electronic devices
19-20-21. Transportation

22. Do you plan to  earn your bachelor's degree from Evergreen?

23. Highest degree
24. Employment
25. Financial support
26. Dependent children
27. Is English your first language?
28. Gender identity
29. Do you identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or queer?
30. Where are you living spring quarter?
31-32. Structure and content of curriculum
33. Faculty mentoring
34. Is there a person at Evergreen to whom you regularly turn for advice about academic planning?
35. Life goals/academic planning
36. Additional comments