New Student Survey 2018

The Evergreen New Student Survey 2018 was administered to all new students entering Fall 2018.

The response rate was 62% for First-time, First-year students and 52% for Olympia Transfers. Select from questions in the table below to view results from the survey. You can also view:

Survey Questions
Olympia First-years
Olympia Transfer Students
1. Which location do you plan to attend for all or most of your Evergreen studies?
2. When do you plan to take most of your classes this year?

3-4. Do you plan to focus on a particular field or fields of study at Evergreen? If yes, please describe the primary field or fields of study you plan to focus on.

5. Do you plan to earn your Bachelor's Degree from Evergreen?
6. Indicate the highest degree you intend to earn at Evergreen or elsewhere.
7. In pursuing your college education, how important are the following goals?
8. What do you plan to do after you graduate?
Survey Questions (continued)
Olympia First-years
Olympia Transfer Students
9-10. Are you employed or planning to work fall quarter? If yes, how many hours per week?
11. Please indicate the level of study you are most comfortable with as you begin your studies at Evergreen.
12. How often have you interacted with people different from yourself?
13. How confident are you in the following areas?
14. How comfortable are you with the following?
15-16. How many colleges/educational institutions did you apply to? What were your top three choices of college that you applied to?
17. If you are a student transferring from another college or university, why did you choose to leave your previous institution?
19. When you were considering Evergreen for your education, were the following attributes pros, cons, or not a factor in your decision to attend?
20. Was there any information about Evergreen that was hard to find?
Survey Questions (continued)
Olympia First-years
Olympia Transfer Students
21. Where do you plan to live this year while attending Evergreen?
22-23. Did any of your parents attend college? Did any of your parents earn a 4-year college degree (or higher)?
24. Is English your first language?
25. With which gender do you identify?
26. Do you identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or queer?
27-28. Do you have any dependent children who live with you? If yes, have you found adequate childcare for your child(ren) while you attend school?
29-30. Have you ever served in the United States Armed Forces (including National Guard or reserve unit)? If yes, are you aware of Evergreen's Veterans Resource Center?
31. Do you get any financial support for your undergraduate education and living expenses from any of the following sources?
32. Which of the following electronic/computing devices do you currently own?
33. Feel free to write in any other comments you would like to share.