Long-Term Alumni Surveys

Long-term alumni surveys are conducted five or more years after graduation and are administered once per accreditation cycle.

Long-term surveys collect alumni outcomes data such as employment status, graduate or professional program attendance, and involvement in volunteer work. It also gives alumni the opportunity to provide feedback on their learning and experiences at Evergreen.

2017 Five/Ten/Fifteen-Year Alumni Survey

The Evergreen State College Five/Ten/Fifteen-Year Alumni Survey of the Classes of 20012, 2008, and 2002 (2018) (PDF) 

Advice to Current Students from Five/Ten/Fifteen-Year Alumni Survey Respondents (2018) (PDF)

Key findings:

  • 73% of 2002 respondents had attended or were attending graduate/professional programs.
  • 95% of all 2007 respondents were employed and/or pursuing post-baccalaureate studies.
  • 25% of 2012 respondents had earned an advanced academic degree (master's or doctorate).

Special Reports

2012 Five/Ten/Fifteen-Year Alumni Survey

Other Long-term Alumni Surveys