Core Theme 4: Diversity and Equity

As a public institution, Evergreen promotes and benefits from a diverse, just and equitable society. The capacity for personal and societal change is enhanced when the experience of difference prompts reflection. The college facilitates learning across significant differences through its curricular and co-curricular offerings, recruitment and retention efforts, and the overall governance and operation of the college. Specific curricula and facilities offer distinctive programs that serve diverse students from the region and beyond, while the curriculum at large demonstrates broad and deep commitment to learning about and across differences. These values are actualized through the connection of theory to practice as expressed in community service and civic activism. Both the Olympia campus and Tacoma program facility physically communicate hospitality and welcome to diverse students and visitors. The college as a whole strives to maintain access to higher education and support the success of a diverse student body. Extended curricula such as the Reservation-Based, Evening and Weekend Studies, and Grays Harbor programs encourage wider access and participation. Outreach programs facilitate greater connections for underserved populations. College-wide activities, training and initiatives such as the President’s Diversity Fund, the Diversity and Equity Committee, the annual Day of Absence/Day of Presence, VETS Team, the Native Cases Project, and Access Services for Students with Disabilities support a complex campus culture and promote dialogue and discourse across significant differences in all parts of the college and its offerings.