Find an Internship

Finding an Internship

There are several ways you can look for an internship:

  • The Community Opportunity Database (CODa) displays all the internships, as well as job and volunteer opportunties, that are posted by organizations. 
  • The CCBLA is a resource for internship or volunteer opportunities in community-based organzations.
  • Faculty who teach in your area of interest may be aware of organizations that have hosted Evergreen interns in the past.
  • And you can always approach an organization that's doing the work that interests you and see if you can negotiate an internship with them.
  • You may also view a list of Internship Organizations that have previously supported Evergreen students.

Once you've found a site, you'll need to complete a contract in which you spell out your planned internship activities as well as your learning objectives. In order to earn academic credit for an internship, your work must lead to college-level learning. So, for example, you couldn't earn credit for an internship that just involves filing papers, but could for an internship that involves developing a database system. If you have questions about whether your proposed internship qualifies, please contact the Academic Deans' office.