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Evergreen students are always seeking new learning experiences.

An internship allows a student to gain academic credit by hands-on learning with an organization or business. The internship contract (ILC), negotiated between you and the student, spells out the number of hours per week the student will spend at the internship site, the activities the student will perform, and the learning that the student expects to gain from the experience. It will also specify who in your organization will serve as “field supervisor,” and how that person will provide oversight and evaluation of the intern.

Internships need to provide students with a learning experience comparable to what they might gain from academic study. For example, a student couldn’t earn credit for an internship that just involves filing papers, but could for an internship that involves developing a database system. If you have questions about whether your internship opportunity qualifies, please contact the Academic Deans’ office.

Handshake is our online resource for internship openings, as well as for part or full-time jobs and volunteer opportunties for students.

Guide to Using Handshake

Post an Internship on Handshake

Once you’ve created a Handshake account, you will be able to enter or update information on internships, including:

  • The type of internship you have to offer
  • The qualifications you seek in an intern
  • How students should apply

Students will contact you directly, and you choose whom you would like to interview and select.

For more information about your role in the Internship Learning Contract process, please visit the Field Supervisor Guidelines webpage.

The Evergreen State College promotes equal opportunity for students and all employers are expected to do likewise. This site is a courtesy service and we do not screen or refer applicants.