Activities Timeline for Individual Study

Proposed timeline for your learning activities for this quarter

To help you think about planning your workload there are some standard estimated hours of work per week that is expected based on the number of credits you are taking. The proposed grid is only a guideline. You should consult with your sponsor for their specific expectations of your workload and time commitment.

Undergraduate Credit and Hours Grid: 

CreditsHour Per WeekTotal Hours Per Quarter

Graduate Credit to Hours: 2 credits/10 hours and 4 credits/20 hours 

Use the Individual Study Activities Planning Template as a guide to help you plan your activities.

  • Include review dates and due dates.
  • Indicate the number of hours you estimate it will take you to do this activity.
  • Indicate when and how your sponsor will provide support.
  • Plan to have at least one comprehensive review of your progress at midterm, and the bulk of your work complete at the end of Week 9 - or as planned with your sponsor.