How Do I Apply for Human Subjects Review?

If  your project requires human subjects review, you will need to download and complete the college's Human Subjects Review Application:

For help in determining whether your project requires review, see Who Must Apply for Human Subjects Review? and Activities that Frequently Do Not Require Human Subjects Review. Student researchers and faculty overseeing student research should also carefully review Guidelines for Student Work with Human Subjects. If you have questions after consulting these documents, contact the IRB administrator.

Application procedures

  1. Complete the form in the application packet as the cover sheet for your application. The form must be signed by the lead researcher (project director). If the lead researcher is a student, it must also be reviewed, approved and signed by a faculty sponsor.
  2. Answer the application's six questions (numbered and in order) on additional sheets of paper.
  3. Provide copies of materials (emails, posters, advertisements, etc.) that you will use to recruit subjects for your project
  4. Include the informational letter and a consent agreement to be provided to prospective subjects.
  5. Attach other materials if they are a part of the research protocol, such as interview scripts, surveys, etc.
  6. If you research requires cooperation from outside entities (tribes, schools, hospitals, and other organizations), provide a copy of the signed cooperative agreement permitting the work to go forward.
  7. These are public documents. Type or print your application and use complete sentences. Prior to submission, check your documents carefully for accuracy, clarity, and consistency. Documents with poor writing or significant errors will be returned without review.
  8. Submit your completed application to the human subjects review coordinator, Library 3809. If you have questions about submission, call the human subjects review coordinator at (360) 867-6670. 

A member of Evergreen’s Institutional Review Board will review all applications once each week. The human subjects review coordinator will then send an email notifying the project director of the results of that expedited review. Please allow at least ten working days for this notification. If your project requires review by the full Institutional Review Board, in accordance with federal requirements, we will notify you.  Be advised that such reviews can take a month or more.  

Special considerations

If you are a student, you must consult closely with your faculty sponsor on this application. Your sponsor will ensure that you have:

  • a well-designed study;
  • a project that presents no more than minimal risks to subjects; and
  • a complete and adequate application.

Your sponsor must sign the application; you are the Project Director.

If you are doing an Individual Learning Contract that involves human subjects research, it is important that you fill out this application prior to registration. As long as your human subjects review application has been submitted to the Academic Deans Office prior to the Individual Learning Contract deadline, your contract can be reviewed and approved by the deans, and subsequently registered. You will not be allowed to register your contract without submitting this completed Human Subjects Review application to the Academic Deans.

If you are a faculty member whose class is conducting research, and the project meets the definition of human subjects research, please complete an application for the entire class if the work of individual students are sufficiently uniform to be addressed in a blanket application. Please consult with the human subject review coordinator before assigning multiple human subjects review applications for review.