Recycling & RecycleMania

What goes where?

There are four Waste Collection Sites in Residential Campus located in the freshman housing (A,B,C & D buildings) courtyard, in front of E & F buildings, in the Soup Loop, and in the MODs. A guide to recycling just about any material you can think of is available on the Evergreen Facilities Recycling page. Please dispose of your waste properly and help Evergreen move toward a Zero-Waste Campus!


Single Stream Materials: Blue Bin
Includes: Plastics (#1-7), aluminum, tin, clean paper
Yes: Beverage/food containers without lids, clean paper, aluminum & tin cans, tin foil. (more detailed YES list)
No: Plastic wrap, candy wrappers, cellophane, plastic bags, microwave cookware, pill bottles, lids/caps, take-out containers, plastic utensils, cups or plates, foil w/ food residue, aerosol cans. (more detailed NO list)

Glass: Brown Bin (RAD) or Red Bin (CAB)
Yes: Clean glass, rinsed beverage/food containers without lids
No: Ceramic, bottle lids, light bulbs, window/mirror glass

Cardboard: Yellow Bin
Yes: Cereal/other dry food boxes (remove plastic liner), milk cartons, corrugated cardboard boxes (flattened)
No: Pizza boxes, soiled food boxes, ice cream cartons, frozen joice containers

Clear Stream Recycling: Available in A, B, C & D building sorting centers for paper recycling, aluminum & tin cans, and glass.

Watch the video below explaining recycling at Evergreen

For the past few years, Evergreen participated in Recyclemania, a competition between schools to encourage waste reduction among campus communities.

Learn more about our efforts on this past years events: Evergreen RecycleMania. We plan to continue participating in the competition during Winter Quarter 2012, contact Scott Morgan (Evergreen's Sustainability Coordinator) at for more information on how to get involved. 

Get a jump start by familiarizing yourself with our recycling system now!
To volunteer for RecycleMania, get recycling training, or get some ideas for a DIY sorting system in your room or apartment, contact the RAD Sustainability Coordinator at