Please be advised that there have been some changes to the types of compostable waste Silver Springs Organics is willing to accept. Since 2008, The Evergreen State College has been collecting food and compostable waste and shipping the materials to Silver Springs Organics, a commercial composting facility located outside of Rainier, in an effort to reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill.
Although we have grown accustom to composting cups, plates, and utensils, we were recently informed that Silver Springs will no longer accept compostable ware at their facility. This has a fairly significant impact on our current practices, but we can adopt to the changes with your help.
As a general rule, you should ONLY place food scraps into the organic waste bins, while all food-soiled and compostable products should go into the landfill. There are some exceptions, however, so you should open this pdf to find out all of the compostable waste Silver Springs Organics is willing to accept. 
The Evergreen State College Sustainability Council is exploring a variety of options to keep the college on track for the 2020 zero waste goal. You may comment on this composting situation and the 2020 zero waste plan using this form. Until then, please move forward with composting practices outlined above.

Thank you,

RAD Services

P.S. Check out the recycling rooms located throughout first-year housing to learn more about the recycling.