In 2010, as part of RAD's participation in Recyclemania, recycling and compost rooms were installed in first-year housing to improve waste awareness and practices .  On floors 4-10 of A building and floors 2 and 4 of B, C and D buildings, unused closets were converted into spaces where students can learn more about Evergreen's waste system and dispose of their singlestream and glass recycling.  There are also receptacles for disposing of Silver Springs compost and dirty compost buckets may be exchanged for new, clean buckets. 

RAs provide their residents with training on how to use these rooms during their initial meeting with residents and continue to serve as resources and help monitor the containers for contamination throughout the year.  RAD work crew members service these rooms weekly to empty receptacles and collect data on the level of contamination and the amount of recyclables and compost being generated.  Residents are then provided with feedback on their waste practices and given positive action steps for how to better participate in Evergreen's waste reduction efforts.

Clear Stream Recycling Containers

Clear Stream containers are used for all singlestream recycling in these areas (paper, plastic, aluminum and tin). These containers are provided to us from Thurston County Solid Waste, who received a grand from the State of Washington to assist in promoting recycling at public events and schools. In exchange for providing the containers, we provide data to Thurston County on the estimated amount of materials collected.  The containers have been proven to be more effective at promoting correct recycling because the contents are easily visible. Additionally, studies indicate that users are also less likely to contaminate these recycling bins with trash. Please see below for a general list of acceptable and unacceptable items in single-stream recycling.

Yes: rinsed out plastic bottles without lids, rinsed out aluminum cans, all clean white and colored paper, newspapers (including glossy ads), paper bags, junk mail (including window envelopes), magazines, cataloges and phone books.

No: paper plates, cups or napkins, wet or dirty paper, pizza boxes, ice cream cartons or tissue paper, liquids, glass, plastic wrap or plastic bags


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