RAD Sustainability Program

The development of a waste free and energy efficient community is of paramount importance to RAD Services. In 2008, RAD Services established the RAD Sustainability Program, which is managed by two “Sustainabilibuddies”. The Sustainabilibuddies are student employees who devote their working hours to improving the sustainability of lower campus through design, implementation and maintenance of innovative “Green” projects.  

Sustainability: One Step At A Time

The RAD Sustainability Program has implemented a number of energy saving projects, some of which are tried and true and some of which are experimental. In addition to reducing the carbon footprint of lower campus, these projects allow RAD to evaluate the efficiency of different projects and determine which ones are the most effective. While most of these projects are funded by the Clean Energy Committee, the Sustainabilibuddies try to keep the cost of these projects low enough that an individual homeowner could potentially afford to incorporate the same design on their property; after all, concern for the environment is a global issue and ought to be accessible to a large population. The following projects have been pursued by RAD Sustainability: