EcoGreen 100% Recycled Toilet Paper

RAD Facilities provides Green Seal™ Certified toilet paper in the public restrooms on the third floor of A-Building and in the Housing Community Center (HCC.) Toilet paper is also provided for students who are part of the Education First language program. More information about Green Seal Certification can be found at the Green Seal website at We receive our toilet products from American Paper Converting at, a local company in Woodland, Washington.

EcoSoft™ 100% Recycled Tissues
The Residential and Dining Services offices use 100% recycled facial tissues. We purchase our products from Wausaupaper Corporation. Their EcoSoft™ facial tissues have the same Green Seal™ Certification as the toilet paper that we use.

Duplex Printing
The HP Laserjet 4250 on the third floor prints on both sides of paper, which effectively nearly halves the amount of paper we use for Check-In Packets, Lock Change Forms, Billing Appeals, and all other paperwork.

Recycled Paper
We use 100% Post Consumer recycled paper from Grays Harbor Paper. Gray Harbor Paper is a Green-e certified renewable energy company, which uses mostly wood waste that would otherwise be thrown away to fuel their paper production process. Their manufacturing process is also chlorine free, which helps prevent undesirable effects to the environment.

Online Applications
We have now changed our applications to a completely online process, eliminating the over 1,000 2-page paper applications we used to receive on an annual basis.