Need computer help in Housing?

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Leveraging technology to help students grow is what we are all about.

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The ResNet Cloning Project has been a great success enabling us to achieve great consistency throughout our work force.

We help housing residents keep their computers running smoothly and make sure the offices that support housing have working technology tools.  We also maintain the WiFi network and create custom web applications used by residents and staff.

Resnet has over 200 dual band Aruba WiFi Access Points (APs) in bedrooms and common areas throughout housing. All spaces within housing have WiFi coverage, however some devices with weaker antennas such as phones and lower end tablets and laptops will not get a good signal everywhere.  If you don’t have a strong WiFi signal, contact the Resnet Help Desk to help troubleshoot the issue.

One of the biggest problems with WiFi is interference from student devices. Rooms without an AP have a wired network connection, if you have a wired port we suggest using that connection as it is not subject to WiFi interference. Restechs can give you a free Ethernet cable and longer cables are available for purchase at the bookstore.

Buying your own WiFi AP and plugging it into your wired port is not a good idea.  Adding your own AP is prohibited by campus policy, makes the network worse for everyone, and may result in your port being disabled.  Also, we ask residents to turn off WiFi on their printers and connect directly using a USB cable; this is more reliable and will help keep radio interference down.  Cordless phones, while not prohibited, also degrade the WiFi signal.

The campus shares a 1 Gb connection between all offices, classrooms, and Resnet. Certain types of network traffic (such as peer to peer) are throttled down to a slower speed to keep from consuming all available bandwidth. Additionally each device is limited to 2 Gb per 24 hour period before the device is rate limited to a slower speed, so be aware of how much you are streaming/downloading. Like many things in life, bandwidth is a shared resource and your behavior affects your community so use what you need, but don’t be wasteful.

Tech Support
Restechs can help campus residents resolve problems and fix many computer issues for free.  Stop by our office if you need help.

Web Apps
When you use our self assignment system to reserve your room, or our workorder system to submit a maintenance request online, you are using one of the many applications developed by the Evergreen computer science students who run ResNet.