Multicultural Scholars Hall Community

Multicultural Scholars Hall is an intentional living community on campus where students from a variety of cultural backgrounds and multiple intersectional identities live together in a community grounded in racial justice and multicultural student success.

The aspiration for this space is to ground a space of home, visibility and support for students of color in housing and campus broadly. This community will create a space to enhance the learning experiences that a student may not find in other facets of their educational pathways and connect them to a network of empowered peers focused on community and personal growth.

Apply for this housing theme

If you are a new first year student and are interested in living in the Multicultural Scholars Hall Community, we encourage you to apply for and participate in the Multicultural Scholars Program. Residential and Dining Services is partnering with First Peoples Multicultural Advising to create a community who participate in the program and live together through the rest of the year as a cohort.

If you are a transfer student, or a first year student over 21 you can still participate in the Multicultural Scholars Program and are encouraged to apply for Legacy Hall. Legacy Hall has an apartment saved for Multicultural Scholars and the Themed housing community is aligned with the purpose, goals, community, and expectations of the residents.

Resident expectations

  • Enroll by May 20th into Multicultural Scholars Program the week before orientation (2 credits).
  • Attend at least one Multicultural scholars community gathering a quarter.
  • Attend at least one community dinner a quarter.
  • Attend at least one meeting per quarter with a peer mentor, and multicultural advisor in first peoples to support your academic, career, and personal goals.
  • Participate in the creation of a Living Learning Agreement (LLA) with all roommates, facilitated by a Themed Community Coordinator (TCC), to ensure each resident’s needs are met within the living community.

Programs and outreach

  • As a community of residents, partner with RAD Services and your TCC to plan one educational, social, and/or service-related program per quarter to be advertised to the entire residential community in order to raise awareness and educate about the Multicultural Scholars Hall community.

    First Peoples Multicultural advising can help with content areas to develop these skills. Workshops are available in fall to develop these plans.

  • Residents will have the opportunity to attend the Students of Color Conference in the spring, if the conference is funded.
  • Varying degrees of participation exist in the program planning and implementation process based on each student’s skill set and level of comfort.
  • Provide outreach to other students who may benefit from the support of the Multicultural Scholars Hall community.


One goal of this community is to create a safer space for a students of color to come together, create a community and support one another in their academic, professional, and personal growth. Through programming and involvement with student groups on campus, students will develop their understanding of social justice, cultivate the skills necessary to become engaged community members, and foster increased understanding of ones own individual identity.