Find Your Address

Use the table on this page to find your building’s street number.

You should have received your room and mailbox via email.

If you can't your room or mailbox, log on to the StarRez Portal and click through the Housing Application to see you assigned room and mailbox for your term.

Example Address

Ima Greener
4201 Indian Pipe Loop NW, Building E—101-Z
Box 60000
Olympia, WA 98505

Building Street Addresses

Building Street Address
E 4201 Indian Pipe Loop NW
F 4203 Indian Pipe Loop NW
G 4205 Indian Pipe Loop NW
H 4207 Indian Pipe Loop NW
I 4231 Indian Pipe Loop NW
J 4229 Indian Pipe Loop NW
K 4227 Indian Pipe Loop NW
Mods 3040 Wild Currant Loop NW
N 4223 Indian Pipe Loop NW
P 4221 Indian Pipe Loop NW
Q 4219 Indian Pipe Loop NW
R 4217 Indian Pipe Loop NW
S 4215 Indian Pipe Loop NW
T 4211 Indian Pipe Loop NW
U 4209 Indian Pipe Loop NW

Getting Your Mail

At check-in you are assigned a mailbox. All U.S. Postal Service mail will be sent to this mailbox.

Mailboxes are located in the Housing Community Center and are accessible whenever the HCC is open.

Hours for parcel pick-up are Monday – Friday: 12:30 – 4:00 pm, or call (360) 867-5257.

Packages sent through private carriers (FedEx, UPS, etc.) will be delivered to your apartment or unit.

Prior to fall check-in, trunks, luggage, and boxes may be shipped to Evergreen. You must include your name and your Evergreen apartment or unit address. Packages are available check-in day at the mailroom.

Mail and Package process from Central Receiving

  • All your letter mail will be placed in your assigned HCC Mailbox. Monday thru Friday, except weekends and holidays.
  • A pink slip will be put in your box to notify you if you have a package to pick up at the HCC mailroom. Then you will need to show your ID (student, driver license, etc.) to pick up the package(s).
  • It is very important when you have items mailed to you that the name on the label match your ID and HCC Mailbox number.
  • Amazon has their own delivery system, drivers will try to deliver to your doorstep
    • Amazon will not pick up and redirect packages if your address is wrong
    • Amazon will not pick up returns
    • Central Receiving does not handle Amazon returns
  • For USPS, UPS or FedEx package returns, you will need return authorization labels through the company you’re returning to, unless you didn’t open the package.
  • HCC Mail Room Phone: 360-867-5257

When you’re ready to move out of Evergreen Housing

  1. Go to, then click on “Profile” (located at top right corner below the search bar, next to “Log Out”).
  2. Click on “Edit personal information”.
  3. Click on “Current” mailing address to edit.
  4. Type in your new mailing information and include a phone number (with area code).
    • Central Receiving will coordinate with Housing to forward your mail for three months.
  5. If you do not provide forwarding information, we will return your mail or package back to the sender