COVID-19 FAQ for Housing

Evergreen is committed to providing a safe living environment so that all students can focus on their studies.

This is the current FAQ based on what we know on September 1, 2021. Please understand this will change as COVID protocols and guidance are rapidly evolving.


Do I need to be vaccinated? 

Yes, you must be fully vaccinated or have an exemption already approved by Student Wellness Services to live on campus. 

Everyone living on campus is required to complete Evergreen’s Vaccination Requirement.  All staff members and any students participating in in-person activities at Evergreen must also complete Evergreen’s Vaccination Requirement. 

To complete the requirement, either submit proof of vaccination or receive an approved exemption.  Both processes are done at

To comply with the requirement, your final vaccination dose must be completed two weeks ahead of your first day on campus.  This means you need to receive your final shot by Thursday, September 9 if you plan to move in on Thursday September 23.

Receiving an approved exemption will likely take up to two weeks, and not all requests for exemptions will be approved.   

If you have not completed Evergreen’s Vaccination Requirement, you will not be given keys or allowed to move into campus housing. 


Can I just show you my vaccination card or submit my exemption paperwork when I check in? 


Residential and Dining Services does not manage Evergreen’s Vaccination Requirement or approve exemptions.  If you have not completed your requirement via we will not be able to issue your room keys. 


Should I expect to wear a mask? 

Yes, as of September 1, everyone is required to wear a mask everywhere indoors on campus with a few exceptions including:

  • Inside an assigned on-campus residential bedroom or bathroom
  • When actively eating and drinking in designated places

This means that all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, are required to wear masks inside their apartment living rooms and kitchens when not eating or drinking.

See the Evergreen COVID-19 Face Covering Policy for more information.


Do I need to quarantine when I arrive? 

If you have provided proof that you received your final shot by Thursday, September 9, you do not have to quarantine. 

If you have received an approved exemption, you will need to quarantine in your assigned room for your first ten (10) days on campus. 


What if I lost my vaccination card? 

Visit Evergreen’s Vaccination Resources page to read about your options for completing the requirement even if you’ve lost your card.


Who can I reach out to if you have questions? 

If you’re concerned about your own health or the health of your roommate/or friend and need an immediate response, call police services at 360-867-6832 to be connected to a Resident Director (RD).  

If you don’t need an immediate response, email questions to and someone from the Health Assessment Team or Student Wellness Services will reach out to you. 


Can I get a refund?  I don’t want to live on campus with all these COVID requirements. 

We are committed to keeping campus housing open for those students who do not have other living options. 

Per the Housing Agreement, refunds will be provided if the college closes and all apartments must be closed and vacated.   

Rent refunds for agreement releases for those not attending Evergreen are outlined in section 10 of the Housing Agreement.   

We will not issue refunds to students who do not wish to comply with public health guidance as outlined in section 15 of the Housing Agreement