2018 – 19 Rental Rates

Rental rates for campus housing are affordable and competitive. Billing your rent and utilities to your student account once per quarter leaves more time to focus on academics.

Rental contract dates align with the academic year. Your rent stays the same even if someone moves out of your unit. Live more simply without dividing multiple bills among roommates or hassling with commuting to campus.

Room TypeFallWinterSpringMonthly AverageAcademic Year Total

*This room type requires a meal plan purchase.

Residence hall double$2,060$1,735$1,410$578$5,205
Residence hall single$2,260$1,900$1,540$633$5,700
Residence hall Super Single*$2,710$2,325$1,940$775$6,975
Apartment Single$2,770$2,340$1,910$800$7,020

Rent for the quarter is due in full on the same date tuition is due.  Rates are per student and include furnishings, utilities, Internet, and amenities; basically everything you need except for food.  

Students eat in The GreeneryDining plan

A dining plan rate is not included in the table above. 

Dining plans are required for all residents with 40 credits or less at the time of check-in, for residents of Super Singles, and are highly recommended for anyone living in the residence halls.

Learn about how dining plans work or see costs for residents required to purchase a plan.