2017-01-11 Design Committee Meeting Minutes

The Evergreen State College First Year Student Housing Design Committee



  • Azeem Hoosein
  • Rhianna Hruska
  • Sharon Goodman
  • Noel McHugh
  • Jaymie Lacina
  • Jeanne Rynne
  • Eric Pedersen
  • Lisa Dawn-Fisher
  • Tim Byrne

Location: Facilities Conference Room

Next Meeting: To Be Determined


I. Purpose

Kick-off meeting

II. Discussion

Tim reviewed an agenda that reviewed the steps we will likely take with the Design Team. These steps are noted on the attached agenda, and note Pre-Design, Design, and potential Delivery Methods for the project. We also touched on the different areas of expertise that Consultants will fill as part of the Design Team.

Tim also reviewed the schedule that Mahlum Architects provided.

III. Roundtable

Jeanne Rynne asked Tim to note on the Project Schedule at what point the Design Committee’s work would be complete. Tim noted once Design Development work was presented and approved to move into Construction Documents the Design Committee’s work would be done and changes to the design would not be considered after that point.

Sharon Goodman asked about what other student involvement would be part of the design process. Jeanne noted students on the Design Committee will be how students can provide feedback and opinions on the design development.

Noel McHugh asked a question about whether any of the consultant team will be experienced with networking. He was reassured the Electrical Consultant would cover all low voltage needs such as networking and Wi-Fi.

Sharon asked that students on the Design Committee be notified with a reminder a day or so before each Design Committee meeting being no students attended the Kick-off meeting (except for Rhianna). Tim will be sure to send out meeting reminders in the future. Tim will also need to gage interest in students, get their class schedules, etc.. so that we have good student participation within the Design Committee.

Sharon talked about how RAD will create a blog / website dedicated to the design of the First Year Student Housing (FYSH) project. Accessing that website will give everyone interested in the project with access to meeting agendas, meeting minutes, as well as a link to Tim’s Design and Construction Blog. That Blog will be similar to the one created for reporting on the developments of the Lecture Hall construction project.

Jeanne noted a College Board of Trustees meeting that had been scheduled for January, 11th was canceled. One of the items on their Agenda was to approve of the contract with Mahlum for the FYSH project. Being so, the Design Contract with Mahlum would be reviewed by the Board of Trustees during a future conference call. Once that contract is approved Jeanne would let us know when to schedule our first meeting with the Design Team.




  • Confirm Program and develop proper adjacencies
  • Before Design begins:

o Eco-Charrette

  • Confirm project goals (numerous aspects)
  • Identify opportunities
  • Review technical aspects and understandings
  • Review sustainable strategies
  • LEED?
    • a lot of cost associated
    • those extra costs could go into sustainable elements instead of paying USGBC and consultant team for certification
    • certification could become a self-certification student project
  • Review Passive Haus (House) design
  • Learn about Passive House certified design
  • o Site Analysis
  • Views
  • Prevailing wind
  • Constraints
  • Opportunities
  • Sun patterns
  • Other natural impacts
  • → Design Process:
  • o Schematic Design (SD)
  • Review different concepts
  • Look at site alternatives?
  • Review cost estimates
  • o Design Development (DD)
  • Refine concept chosen after SD
  • Get more realistic in details
  • IE: Window locations and sizes
  • End of Design Committee’s work
  • o Construction Documents (CD)
  • Architect and Consultant Team assemble documents:
    • For bidding
    • For contractor / construction
    • For permits (building, electrical, mechanical, site work, etc…)
  • Delivery Method


o Conventional: Design / Bid / Build (DBB)

  • Low Bidder gets the contact
  • Not always the best method
  • Usually low bidder forgot something
  • Can be adversarial
  • Construction Team not involved in design & decision making process


o Alternative: General Contractor / Construction Manager

• Contractor is selected through a special process

  • RFQ
  • Evaluate qualifications and interview
  • Score them on the interviews
  • Score them on fee percentage on Overhead & Profit
  • Start as a team member around SD completion
  • Less adversarial
  • Buy into the design and provide feedback along the way to CD’s
  • Provide cost estimate at the three phases (along with Design Team)
  • Guarantee Costs
  • Better quality product
  • Less change orders
  • Fewer Headaches for all


→ Other:

o Design Team

  • Architect
  • • Consultants
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical / Plumbing
  • Structural
  • Civil
  • Acoustical
  • Passive Haus / Sustainability / Building Envelope
  • Interior Design
  • Cost Estimator
  • o BIM (Building Information Modeling)