Counseling Services

SWS Counseling Philosophy

Services provided by Counseling Services, includes but is not limited to:

All services accessed by visiting Sem 1 2110 during open business hours.

Scope of Care

Same Day/Next Day Clinic is the entry to care for ....

Supporting Concerns of Mental & Physical Well-Being

If you are concerned for a students well-being, there are a variety of resources on and off campus that may provide support. Please visit our ​Resources-Crisis & Emergencies webpage to explore some options. In true medical or mental health emergency, please call Police Services (9-11 or 360-867-6140) who will call Medic One for further assessment and care. 

If you are concerned about specific behaviors being exhibited that are concerning, disruptive, and/or damaging, please visit Evergreen's Reporting Concerns webpage. Depending on the issue/concern reported, reports may be directed to CARE Team, Police Services, Conduct, or Title IX for appropriate follow up and intervention.