Geoduck Student Union

Get involved in your campus community. Find ways to use your voice and advocate for student needs. Learn how to be a leader and work together to shape the future.

Who We Are

The Geoduck Student Union membership is made up of all registered students; 15 students are elected each year to conduct the business of the union and to provide leadership and support to the student body.

Get Involved!

  • Come to a meeting Wednesdays at 1:15 pm in CAB 301
  • Run for office!
  • Volunteer to be a delegate for the Assembly
  • Join a committee
  • Learn more here

What We Do

  • Advocate for the student body to faculty, staff, and administrators
  • Lobby for student-centered legislation at the state capitol
  • Educate the campus on issues students are facing and work students are doing
  • Demonstrate leadership to other students
  • Help build a stronger and more connected community
  • Work together to improve the college

Upcoming Elections​

  • Geoduck Student Union Candidate Election
  • We are currently accepting applications!
  • You can find the Declaration of Candidacy here

​Upcoming Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, March 11, 2020 at CAB 301 1:15-3pm 

  1. Medicine Creek Treaty Acknowledgement (2 min)
    1. We begin our time together today by acknowledging the indigenous people of the Medicine Creek Treaty, whose land on which the college stands. We acknowledge the Squaxin people who are the traditional custodians of this land and pay respect to elders past and present of the Squaxin Island Tribe.
  2. Approval of the Minutes and the Agenda (2 min) 

  3. Public Comment (5 min)

  4. Check-in with Jeannette (5 min)

  5. Conversation with President George Bridges (35 min)

  6. Check-in with Sakiko (5 minutes)

    1. Absence notification system

    2. Requesting time on the agenda 

    3. Friday structure group

  7. Motion with Melinda (2 minutes)

    1. Motion to add to the bylaws to the following language after part J in Section IV--Meetings:

  1. Break (10 min)
  2. Motion with Trygve (5 minutes)

    1. ​Amendment to Bylaws: Addition of Section (X) – Conflict of Interest (language appended to end of agenda) (4 min)

    2. Vote (1 min)

  3.  Closed Executive Session (25 min)***

  4. ​Disability Justice Day Event Discussion (10 min)
  5. Adjourn at 3pm


***RCW 42.30.110.(1)
(f) To receive and evaluate complaints or charges brought against a public officer or employee. However, upon the request of such officer or employee, a public hearing or a meeting open to the public shall be conducted upon such complaint or charge;
(g) To evaluate the qualifications of an applicant for public employment or to review the performance of a public employee. However, subject to RCW 42.30.140(4), discussion by a governing body of salaries, wages, and other conditions of employment to be generally applied within the agency shall occur in a meeting open to the public, and when a governing body elects to take final action hiring, setting the salary of an individual employee or class of employees, or discharging or disciplining an employee, that action shall be taken in a meeting open to the public;

_________Section (X) – Conflict of Interest
1. Whenever a member of GSU has a financial or personal interest in any matter coming before the GSU, the affected person(s) shall (a) fully disclose the nature of the interest and (b) withdraw from discussion, lobbying, and voting on the matter.
2. Only with a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the GSU may the member(s) with a conflict of interest regain the right to participate in discussion, and lobbying, on the matter.
3. Any transaction or vote involving a potential conflict of interest shall be approved only when a three-fourths (3/4) vote of the GSU determines that it is in the best interest of the GSU, and all students attending The Evergreen State College to do so.
4. The minutes of meetings at which such votes are taken shall record such disclosure, abstention, and rationale for approval.
5. Any member(s) with a conflict of interest are compelled to abstain from votes occurring as a result of Section (X) of the GSU bylaws unless the entirety of GSU membership has a conflict of interest.
6. Section (X) of the GSU bylaws shall be interpreted and applied in a manner consistent with The Evergreen State College policy titled Ethics and Chapter 42.56 of the Revised Code of Washington (Ethics in Public Service).
7. If a situation arises which Section (X) of the GSU bylaws fails to address, but either The Evergreen State College policy titled Ethics, or Chapter 42.56 of the Revised Code of Washington (Ethics in Public Service) would be applicable, the GSU has the responsibility to act in accordance with the applicable college policy or state statute
8. If a conflict arises between Section (X) of the GSU bylaws and either The Evergreen State College policy titled Ethics or Chapter 42.56 of the Revised Code of Washington (Ethics in Public Service). Then priority shall be first given to Chapter 42.56 of the Revised Code of Washington (Ethics in Public Service), and then to the Evergreen State College policy titled Ethics over GSU bylaws.
9. Exceptions to Section (X) of the GSU bylaws shall only be taken when in accordance with applicable statuary authority, legal precedent, or in accordance with a current attorney general opinion.
10. Amendments to Section (X) of the GSU bylaws require unanimous approval of the GSU.
11. All subsequent version(s) of the GSU Bylaws shall contain Section (X), in its entirety.


Upcoming 2019-2020 Geoduck Student Union Meetings:

  • Wednesday, April 1, 1:15 - 3 PM, CAB 301
  • Wednesday April 8, 1:15 - 3 PM, CAB 301
  • Geoduck Student Assembly: Wednesday, April 15, 1:15 - 3 PM, Purce Hall 1