Geoduck Student Union

Get involved in your campus community. Find ways to use your voice and advocate for student needs. Learn how to be a leader and work together to shape the future.

Who We Are

The Geoduck Student Union membership is made up of all registered students; 15 students are elected each year to conduct the business of the union and to provide leadership and support to the student body.

Get Involved!

  • Come to a meeting Wednesdays at 1:15 pm in CAB 301
  • Run for office!
  • Volunteer to be a delegate for the Assembly
  • Join a committee
  • Learn more here

What We Do

  • Advocate for the student body to faculty, staff, and administrators
  • Lobby for student-centered legislation at the state capitol
  • Educate the campus on issues students are facing and work students are doing
  • Demonstrate leadership to other students
  • Help build a stronger and more connected community
  • Work together to improve the college

Upcoming Elections​

  • Geoduck Student Union Candidate Election
  • We are currently accepting applications!
  • You can find the Declaration of Candidacy here

​Upcoming Meeting Agenda


Wednesday, November 13, 2019 from 1:15 to 3:00 p.m.


The business portion of our meeting will begin at 1:25 p.m.


Purce Hall Lecture 3




(10 minutes)


Drinks, food, and time with peers



(5 minutes)


Geoduck Student Union Welcome



(60 minutes)

Student Input for Curriculum Planning with Faculty Melissa Nivala

Students will participate in a live poll on questions to aid curriculum planning. These questions will cover things such as what subjects/areas students are interested, how students feel about various language choices that describe curriculum, what’s missing from our curriculum that students are interested in, etc.


(10 minutes)

(5 minutes Q&A)

Library and Media Services as Places of Learning and Belonging with Library Dean Greg Mullins

In Library and Media Services (including Archives) we seek to continually improve the ways we serve students. We are seeking volunteers for an informal “walking focus group” to request feedback on our physical spaces, scheduled for December 4th. What are currently doing to make them welcoming spaces for study and learning? What could we do better? We hope to find volunteers at the Assembly.


(5 minutes)

Exposing Inequality: The Tenuous Position of Evergreen’s Indigenous Programs with Student Tony Draper

I am rallying the student body to help fight for Indigenous equity on campus, and inviting them to an Indigenous ceremonial action on the 15th.


(5 minutes)



Upcoming 2019-2020 Geoduck Student Union Meetings:


  • Wednesday, November 20, 1:15 - 3 PM, CAB 301
  • Wednesday, December 4, 1:15 - 3 PM, CAB 301