Graduate Program Hooding Ceremonies

Graduate students attend a separate hooding ceremony, in addition to the campus commencement, to receive honors and accolades for completing their respective degrees.

Master of Environmental Studies (MES)

The MES Hooding Ceremony is taking place virtually at 10:30 AM on Friday, June 12th. Additional details can be found on the MES Graduation page.

Master of Public Administration (MPA)

The MPA Hooding Ceremony is taking place virtually at 10:00 AM on Friday, June 12th. Additional details can be found on the MPA Graduation page.

Master in Teaching (MiT)

The Master in Teaching Hooding and Celebration is a multi-part event that will take place during the week of Commencement, based on the schedule below:

Monday, June 8th: Graduation Caps

  • Graduation caps symbolize that we’ve made it as far as we have. The college has provided caps and tassels this year, unfortunately they won't be here until week of graduation. Please decorate your cap, a square piece of paper, cardboard or what have you, don’t feel inclined to buy a cap, get creative and express your celebration in any way you see fit!
  • The length of the slide show will depend on how many MiT graduates decide to participate
  • All caps are due the Friday before Evaluation Week
  • These will be jpeg images sent to Max and posted on a slide show (digital "gallery") to our MiT Spring Canvas module labeled "Graduation"
  • Please contact Max Cowdery ( with any questions

Tuesday, June 9th: Digital Scrapbook

  • These will be jpeg images compiled into one film about how we all spent our time these last 2 years­— scrapbook-style!
  • It will be accompanied by uplifting music to dance and celebrate to!!! 
  • The length of the film is estimated to be around 30-40 mins
  • We officially told folks to turn them in by the first of June, but I will let them come in until the weekend before we officially put them up. ;)
  • The film will be posted to our MiT Spring Canvas module labeled "Graduation"
  • Please contact Nadine Tussey ( with any questions

Wednesday, June 10th: Formal Speeches

  • We will have faculty and staff record formal speeches, which everyone will have access to view. 
  • Students have also been offered to record speeches and been instructed to email to Helen by June 1st
  • This will be posted on the MiT Spring Canvas module labeled "Graduation"
  • Please contact Helen Kong ( with any questions

Thursday, 11th: Express Yourself!!!

  • 1-2 min video, choices include:
    • Take Away from the program
    • Say something that was most meaningful or impactful about the program
    • Something you’re looking forward to
    • Favorite quote
    • Be hooded with something within your home (scarf, ribbon etc.)
    • Gratitude/appreciation
  • Contact Alisabeth Merlo (

Friday, June 12th: Givebacks & Goodbyes

  • The last day of graduation week is an opportunity for our cohort to come together and celebrate our time together with one final TESC “give-back”. We have planned a whole-group live zoom conversation where a 1-2-minute opportunity to share is offered to each student.  (Hosted by Kate and Caitlin) 
  • This can be an opportunity to let others in the cohort know what it is you gained from our time together in the program. Additionally, it is a chance to say goodbye and to recognize as a group all that we have accomplished. Faculty will be invited to attend. 
  • This will take place on June 12th at 16:00 (4pm) There will be a link posted in the MiT Spring Canvas module labeled "Graduation".
  • Please contact Caitlin Eubel with any questions (