Evergreen Submits 2021–2023 Capital Budget Requests


Our 2021–2023 Capital Budget request puts student safety first with a focus on our Lab II and Seminar 1 buildings. An investment in our Infrastructure Master Plan will enable the college to implement projects that will lead to a more sustainable and cost-efficient utility infrastructure. We also have a series of minor works requests that will provide needed repairs and preventative maintenance all across campus.

Lab II HVAC Renovation: $4 million

The Lab II building, built in 1977, is one of two science instruction buildings. Modernizing the building’s HVAC system will improve safety of the building’s fume hoods, improve building energy efficiency, and reduce operational costs. This project follows a similar successful project performed in the Lab I building.

Seminar 1 Renovation Design: $3 million

The Seminar I building, constructed in 1974, is the only original building on Evergreen’s campus that has never had a major renovation. The building houses the campus police department and emergency communications. Insufficient electrical services, lighting, ventilation, and other systems limit the use of the space for teaching. A renovation provides an opportunity to make the building suitable for teaching, improve seismic performance, accessibility, safety, energy and water consumption, and provide other modern sustainable building features. Evergreen seeks to move from the Pre-design to Design phase.

Infrastructure Master Plan: $500,000

In the 2019–21 biennium, the college developed a ten-year plan to replace its aging utility infrastructure with modern systems that will reduce operating cost, shrink the carbon footprint to meet state goals, and provide more reliable service for the next fifty years. This request represents the first increment of that plan, focusing on small, local projects before scaling solutions campus-wide.

Minor Works Preservation: $16 million

The primary focus of Evergreen’s capital program is the preservation of campus facilities. Most campus buildings are nearly 50 years old. The college seeks to maintain these assets in a safe condition while reducing the risks and costs associated with an aging physical plant. Critical projects in this request include: preservation of campus roofs, repairs to the Pump House that supplies water to campus fire systems, energy efficiency and lighting upgrades, preventive maintenance to campus electrical and heating systems, replacement of the campus telephone system, improvements to underground fuel storage tanks, and critical preventive maintenance for the Seminar II building, the college’s main teaching facility.

Saving the State Money

Evergreen is also successfully investing capital dollars to reduce operating costs:

  • Improved monitoring identified $500K in water overbilling
  • Energy savings projects reduced utility costs by $660K (before COVID)
  • Evergreen won $1.4M in grants from PSE and Dept of Commerce for energy savings projects

You can also download this information about Evergreen's 2021–2023 Capital Budget Requests (PDF).