Our Gratitude

the art of giving - a time for tenacity - scholarship drive - March 15 thru April 24

To the generous donors of the Art of Giving 2021, you have our gratitude. Thank you!

The Evergreen State College Foundation, with the generosity of our resilient community of alumni, donors, friends, and businesses like you, raised more than $250,000 for the Evergreen Scholarship Fund. 

While the dollar amount raised for Evergreen students is a powerful reflection of your compassion in challenging times, your impact on Greeners and their pursuit of education is immeasurable.

Thank you to the following donors:

Monica  Alexander
Andrea Coker-Anderson and Burke Anderson
Kento Azegami
Joan and Don Bantz
Correan Barker, MPA '20
Paul and Shirley Battan
Sophie and John Bilezikian
George Bridges
David J. Britton
Helle and Scott Burlingame
Kelli Bush - In Honor of all currently and formerly incarcerated students
Robert Butts and Jessica Vavrus
Keri Carkeek and Miles Schwartz
John Carmichael and Michael Partlow
Craig and Kathy Chance
Michael Christensen 
Nancy Connery
Cathy de la Cruz
Derek DeGeer
Betsy Diffendal and Jan Kido
James Dixon & Fran-Michelle Reichert 
Celeste Dodd
John and Betsy Donnelly
Peter and Kathy Dratch
Marion Dumont
Robin and Edward Echtle 
John Erlick
Ahniwa Ferrari
Carol Finn
Karen Fraser
Charlie and Gretchen Gale
Nancy Gleason and Brian Trinen
Fred Goldberg and Carolyn Lakewold
Paul and Leisa Goldberg
Martha Kongsgaard and Peter Goldman
Irene Gonzales
Stephanie Solien and Frank Greer
John Grieco
Sovay Hansen
Charlie Heffernan
John Hennessey
Steve and Laurie Hettinga 
Roy and Kathleen Heynderickx
Kelsey Hulse
Joyce '79 and Alan Irvine
Marcia Jordan
Sandra Kaiser and Anders Price
Robert and Kelly Kaplan Family Foundation
Scott Kauffman
Kim Kaufman
Abby Kelso 
Terry and Steve Kelso
Keith and Lynn Kessler 
Quentin King and Glen Kriekenbeck
Norm and Harriet Klein on behalf of the Daniel Klein Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Nancy Koppelman and Steve Blakeslee
Neill Kramer
Barbara Krulich 
Elizabeth Lagerberg 
Russell Lidman 
Rafael A. Lozano
Doug Luckerman and Susan Kaftan
Pam MacEwan and John Burbank
Pam Mayer 
David McAvity
Jane McCarthy
Kitty McClaire
John McLain and Carrie Stringer
Scott and Kim Merriman
Chris Meserve and Chuck Szurszewski
Christopher Meyers
Bianca Milevoj
Kit Miller
Erin Moore 
Marcia Mueller
Greg Mullins
Dave Nicandri
Paul Nicholson and Helen Carlson 
Sheila, Mel and Spencer 
Peggy O'Shaughnessy
Leslie Owen 
Edward Parnel
Miguel Pérez-Gibson
Barbara Powell 
Drs. Frank and Enola Proctor
Paul and Tracy Rudnick
Adam Sachs and Rebecca Lowry
Erica Schisler 
Douglas Schuler and Terry Frankel
Judy Schurke 
DW Kana Shephard, MPA '05
Maggie Simms
Ron Smoire
Oscar and Barbara Soule
Eirik Steinhoff, Ph.D.
Charlie Stephens
John Stocks
Nancy Taylor and Fritz Levy 
Val Thorson
Krista and Jessica Thrift
Erwin Vidallon 
Joseph and Kelly Von Holtz
Amanda Walker
Gordon White
Mary White
Ed Zuckerman 

Thank you to our sponsors:


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