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Your gift to the Evergreen Fund provides a stable and flexible stream of support for scholarships, academic programs, student projects and faculty research.

It Takes All of Us!

Your annual contributions enhance the quality of the Evergreen experience, and open the door for many students who otherwise can't afford a college education.

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“Donations like yours are creating a better world, one person at a time. It warms my heart that you believed and trusted in me to be one of those people.”


Every time you give to scholarships through the Evergreen Fund, you expand access to Evergreen’s distinctive education. The accessibility of this education carries enormous benefits for students, their communities and the world. Make a gift right now – support Annual Fund Scholarships.

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Empowerment—Student Grants

Your donations invigorate learning by creating grants for students doing innovative research and projects through the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

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Direct your gift to the Tacoma Annual Fund to provide scholarships, mentoring, speakers and programs for students in at Evergreen—Tacoma. Give to the Evergreen—Tacoma Annual Fund now.

Stability—Campus Needs

The Evergreen Fund gives flexibility to direct resources to where funds are needed the most, including: campus initiatives in arts and culture, guest speakers, and services for students and alumni.

Evergreen relies more than ever on private donations, especially to the Evergreen Fund, to meet critical campus needs. A successful Fund is a sign of a growing and healthy Evergreen. It can’t happen without you.

Your Gift Encourages

Students interpreting artThe Evergreen Fund sponsors in-depth examination and inquiry by supporting student research grants.

“Thanks for helping me to move forward with my creative work and my teaching.”

Donations have assisted in student-directed study of the following topics: Examination of the effects of oxygen deprivation in heart attacks; a study of how cultural differences affect humanitarian projects in Haiti; and “Telling our Stories: What makes communities work—A Grays Harbor Anthology,” among others.

Your donations to the Evergreen Fund support Evergreen’s students by allowing them to complete their educations and foster critical inquiries in our community and our evolving world.

“Thank you. The Foundation grant allowed me to conduct crucial primary source research.”

Your Gift Teaches

Students gathered around a thank-you signEvergreen is regarded as one of America’s best learning communities and a national model for student engagement, quality teaching, applied learning and educational innovation.

“Without this scholarship, I would not have been able to attend Evergreen at all. I am so unbelievably grateful and cannot even begin to express my gratitude for having received this scholarship.”

Evergreen’s faculty members work closely with students due to a 23:1 student-to-faculty ratio.

Donations have assisted in faculty research of topics like these: Integrating Music, Robotics & Cybernetics; Mercury Assessment in the Pacific Northwest Forest; Puget Sound Prairies; Stream and Intertidal Ecosystems, Ecological Consciousness and Climate Justice in Nepal, and Sustainable Entrepreneurship, among many others.

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