2013-14 Foundation Annual Report

2013-14 Foundation Annual Report

Joe Dear ImageJoe Dear Scholarship becomes One of the Foundation's Largest Endowments

While many Evergreen graduates go on to remarkable careers, few have navigated the spheres of public service and high finance as adeptly as the late Joe Dear ’77. Read the whole article.

CCAM LogoPartnership is Key to Learning

Visitors to Evergreen’s Center for Creative and Applied Media (CCAM) are often surprised by the studio complex, which includes audio, video, TV, animation, and even 3D animation capabilities. The CCAM rivals many commercial and public TV stations in the sophistication of its equipment and personnel, and for the professional-level experiences it provides, owed to a dynamic partnership between students, staff, and faculty, and a critical balance of public and private support. Read the whole article.

Tom Rainey and Nina Carter ImageNew Scholarship Honors Longstanding Faculty Member

At 78, Tom Rainey calls himself a “failed retiree.” He’s taught at Evergreen since 1972 and has mapped out program ideas until 2017.

Toska Olson ImageFoundation Faculty Grants 
Empower Faculty, Students

In the summer of 2014, Toska Olson received a Faculty Foundation Grant, made possible by Evergreen Annual Fund donations, to develop a more sophisticated understanding of instructional theory and practice around integrated and critical thinking skills, an understanding she could then apply to her workshops. The grant also allowed her to order equipment, including kits that mimic real-life crime lab materials but are child safe. Read the whole article.