Tuition Breakdown and Overview

2020-2021 Tuition Breakdown – Full-time

Status Building
Services &
Tuition Fee
rate per
Tuition Fee
rate per
108 2,053 234 2,395 239.50
86 3,474 234 3,794 379.40
346 8,545 234 9,125 912.50
249 8,054 234 8,537 853.70

Definition of Fees

  • The Tuition Fee and the Services and Activities Fee are set by the Board of Trustees within the parameters of the state Legislature. Tuition consists of Operating Fees, Building Fees and Service and Activities Fees.
  • The Operating Fees, along with the state's general fund appropriation, are used to support The Evergreen State College's primary mission, the education of its students. These funds pay for instruction, library, student services, administrative and maintenance functions.
  • The Building Fee is used for the capital projects. It is not used for housing buildings or to support the College's operating budget.
  • The Service and Activities Fees are used to support student activities.

Tuition Overview

To comply with ESSHB 1795, Evergreen has made the following information available to students

Evergreen reports all sources of institutional revenue in its annual audited financial statements.  For information on the College's reported revenues see our annual report.

Tuition revenue, as defined by RCW 28B.15.020, includes the building fee and the operating fee.  Building fee revenue is appropriated by the legislature specifically for buildings, equipment, maintenance and other capital projects. State Appropriations are the funds provided by the State of Washington for general College operations.  View the table and descriptions below showing the major activities supported by the operating fee portion of tuition revenue and state operating appropriation revenue for fiscal year 2013.

Fiscal year 2015 (year ending June 30, 2015)
Program Program Description Appropriation Tuition Total
010 Instruction 11,037,754.00 9,295,579.00  20,333,333.00
020 Research                       --        48,626.00        48,626.00
030 Community Service           596,610.00    735,135.00    1,331,745.00
040 Primary Support Services        861,406.00    1,631,092.00    2,942,498.00
050 Libraries        1,220,173.00    3,562,618.00    4,782,791.00
060 Student Services      1,727,017.00   3,800,840.00    5,527,857.00
080 Institutional Support        2,918,428.00    7,523,399.00    10,441,827.00
090 Plant Operations       1,593,612.00    8,030,851.00    9,624,463.00
  Total      19,955,00.00   34,628,140.00   54,583,140.00


Instruction, Research, Public Services
Approximately 37 percent of tuition funding supports the faculty and staff that directly provide Evergreen's instruction, research and public service.

Primary Support Services
Provides front-line supervision and support of instruction, research and services activities.

Supports staffing in library facilities and funds for library acquisitions and collection maintenance.

Student Services
Provides essential services supporting students in their path to a degree, including admissions, financial aid, course registration, advising, counseling, career planning, recruitment and study abroad.

Institutional Support
Provides support for the day-to-day operation.  Key services include: human resources, accounting, payroll, purchasing, information technology, student financial information systems and institutional research and administration.

Plant Operations & Maintenance
Includes activities to operate and maintain campus buildings & grounds.  Expenses include: gas and electric utilities, building repair and upkeep, custodial services, grounds keeping, waste management and environmental health and safety.