Summer Institute and Paths of Study 2019: Registration

Welcome to our Registration for Summer Institutes 2019! 

We hope you are looking forward to it!  We have some interesting and informative options for you. Our main list includes a number of institutes focused on equity pedagogy, interdisciplinary curricular planning, leadership and scholarly development, and Evergreen's history, governance structures, and community connections. The Paths of Study/CAT institutes are included in a separate list, but we have not included descriptions for those institutes.   

Immediately below you will find links to the institute descriptions.  Following that is the full list of Summer Institutes and Paths of Study Institutes, with registration links for each.  Faculty and staff are welcome, depending on space availability. Summer Institutes are primarily offered for faculty as faculty development opportunities. Faculty attendees will be paid $125/day and staff are not compensated for participating.  If you register, but find that you need to cancel, or if you have any other questions, please call Rhonda Woods at the Learning & Teaching Commons at 360-867-6602 or email at


Summer Institutes 2019

Paths of Study 2019


Summer Institutes 2019

Washington Center/Learning Teaching Commons Institutes
  1. Evergreen Faculty Leadership
    Conveners: Larry Geri, Joye Hardiman, Joli Sandoz, Sean Williams, Elizabeth Williamson
    June 19-21 (last day dedicated to teamwork/planning)


  2. Team Planning:  Inquiry-Based Design
    Convener: Sonja Wiedenhaupt
    July 1-3


  3. Evergreen’s First Year Experience:  Team-Building & Curriculum Planning
    Convener: Trevor Speller, Sonja Wiedenhaupt, Cynthia Kennedy, Jadon Berry
    July 16-18


  4. Inclusive Excellence:  Leading with Racial Equity
    Conveners: Chassity Holliman-Douglas with Eileen Yoshina
    August 7-9


  5. Strength-Based Practices for Neurodivergent Student Success
    Conveners: Julia Metzker & Carolyn Prouty
    September 9-11 (last day dedicated to community work/planning)
Faculty Initiated Summer Institutes
  1. Greener Stories: Evergreen’s Oral History Project
    Convener: Sam Schrager
    June 17 (plus research days)


  2. Life After Evergreen:  Navigating Retirement
    Conveners: Susan Fiksdal & Ted Whitesell
    June 24


  3. Teaching Writing Across the Curriculum: Effective & Efficient Strategies
    Conveners: Lori Blewett, Vuslat Katsanis & Joli Sandoz
    June 25-27


  4. Finish That Book!
    Convener: Sean Williams
    July 18-19


  5. Facilitating Inclusive & Effective Meetings
    Convener: Elizabeth Williamson
    July 24-25


  6. Developing Engaging Online Curricula for Hybrid Programs
    Conveners: Sarah Ryan & Susan Preciso
    July 29, one independent work day July 30 OR July 31, and Aug. 1 (3 days)


  7. Entrepreneurship: Reflections on the MTA Change Maker Lab
    Conveners: Dion Gouws & Yujiao Xia, facilitated by Ane Beitia & Martin Fernandez (Mondragon Team Academy)
    August 5


  8. Evergreen Classic
    Conveners: Paul McMillin & Sarah Williams
    August 21


  9. Gender Violence & Title IX in the #MeToo Era
    Convener: Meghan Doughty, MPA Faculty
    August 23 & 24, 10-2, (Fri/Sat. for 2 half days)


  10. Promoting Engagement with the State Legislature
    Convener: Cali Mortenson Ellis, MPA Faculty
    August 26


  11. Geographic Information Systems:  ArcGIS Pro Software
    Convener: Mike Ruth, MES Faculty
    August 27-28


  12. The Academic Statement:  Bolstering Our Resources & Commitment
    Conveners: Sandra Yannone & Ariel Birks
    August 29-30


  13. Applied Math for Inclusive Excellence: Food & Ag, Business & Stats
    Conveners: Melissa Nivala & Steve Scheuerell
    September 3-4


  14. Transparent Governance: Clarifying, Communicating & Constructing Inclusion
    Conveners: John Caraher & Melissa Nivala with GSU Reps
    September 5-6


  15. Fall 2019 Common Read
    Conveners: Trevor Speller, Eirik Steinhoff & Jadon Berry
    September 5 OR September 6 (half-day sessions)


  16. Supporting Undocumented Students at Evergreen—Revitalizing Our Work
    Conveners: Grace Huerta, Maria Isabel Morales, Alice Nelson & Catalina Ocampo
    September 6
Paths of Study and Curricular Area Teams  (CATs) Summer Institutes

Some Paths or CATS have general participation or designated days open to those not currently affiliated, but who are interested in their work; these are indicated by the asterisk*.

  1. Food & Agriculture
    Conveners: Prita Lal, Martha Rosemeyer, Sarah Williams
    June 17, Aug. 26

  2. CTLWS (Culture, Text, and Language in World Studies)*
    Convener: Stacey Davis
    June 18, one mid-summer small group meeting, Sept. 12

  3. CAT Leaders & Conveners (last day of Leadership Institute)
    Conveners: Sean Williams & Elizabeth Williamson
    June 21

  4. Literary Arts*
    Conveners: Steven Hendricks & Elizabeth Williamson
    July 8, July 15

  5. Evening & Weekend Studies
    Convener: Stephen Beck
    July 8, Aug. 5

  6. Media Arts
    Convener: Ruth Hayes
    July 22-23

  7. MES:  Curricular Design and Pedagogical Innovation
    Convener: Kevin Francis
    July 25-26

  8. MPA:  Innovation in Public Service
    Conveners:  Eric Trevan & Lucky Anguelov
    August 2, 1-5 pm

  9. Native American and Indigenous Programs
    Conveners: Kristina Ackley & Tina Kuckkahn-Miller
    September 3-4

  10. Political Economy, Global Studies & Environmental Justice*
    Conveners: Savvina Chowdhury & Paul McMillin
    September 3 & 5

  11. CAT:  CTLWS & Literary Arts*
    Convener: Stacey Davis
    September 11

  12. CAT:  NAIP, Latinx, PEGSEJ
    Convener: Kristina Ackley
    September 11

  13. Science Paths & CAT:  ES, IBC, MPaCS
    Conveners: Gerardo Chin-Leo, Krishna Chowdary, Paula Schofield
    September 11-13

  14. Latinx/Latin American Studies & ELL Education*
    Conveners: Grace Huerta, Maria Isabel Morales, Alice Nelson, Catalina Ocampo
    September 12-13

  15. Visual Arts
    Conveners: Shaw Osha & Amjad Faur
    September 12-13