Getting Students to Read

We assign reading in our interdisciplinary programs and courses to help students get a deeper understanding of issues, problems, and big questions. We often have some students who don’t complete the reading, don’t have the text, or don’t seem to understand it. Even good students who usually complete the reading are not always consistent. What can we do?

 “Getting Students to Read: Fourteen Tips” by Erick H. Hobson provides tips that are helpful in responding to this statistic: “On average, about a third of the students will have completed their text assignment on any given day” (p. 59), a compliance rate that has been stable for 30 years (Marshall, 1974; Self, 1987; McDougall & Cordiero, 1993; Hobson, 2003).

This paper is 10 pages long, and refers to courses, but it contains lots of great ideas in this brief format. Getting Students to Read: 14 Tips (PDF)