Program Book Archive

A new resource that may be of use to many of us as we plan programs.  It is currently called the Program Book Archive, and with it you can browse and search for book titles that have been used in Evergreen programs from 2004 to the present.   You can browse and search by author, book title, program title, faculty, or quarter.  We hope that this database will help generate ideas for the program texts of the future. There is a “Comments” field which all faculty can post to. Comments could serve to recommend a text, or to warn others away from a text. A comment might also note that newer editions are now available, that the book was great 6 years ago but is now out-of-date, that the book was bad right from the start, that the book was loved/hated by the students, etc. Please use your usual Evergreen login to access this resource, as "guest account" will not work.