Faculty Directory


Emily Adams

Expertise: printmaking

Related Subjects: Visual Arts

Evan Blackwell

Expertise: ceramic art, sculpture, visual studies

Related Subjects: Visual Arts

Lauren Boilini

Expertise: painting, drawing, art history

Related Subjects: Visual Arts

Devon Damonte

Expertise: experimental animation, media studies, visual arts

Related Subjects: Media Arts, Visual Arts, Media and Film

Interests: experimental animation history, theory and practice, projection performance ("expanded cinema"), printmaking, arts programs management

Hirsh Diamant

Expertise: visual arts, Chinese studies, human development

Related Subjects: Consciousness Studies, Visual Arts, Cultural Studies

Marja Eloheimo

Expertise: ethnobotany, environmental and cultural ecology, Indigenous and heritage studies plant studies

Related Subjects: Biological Sciences, Visual Arts, Sustainability Studies, Social Sciences, Environmental Studies/Agriculture, Cultural Studies, Community Field-Based Studies

Interests: Community Herbalism, Gardens, Plant Arts

Amjad Faur

Expertise: photography

Related Subjects: Visual Arts

Mark Harrison

Expertise: theatre, opera, film, performance studies

Related Subjects: Visual Arts

Ruth Hayes

Expertise: animation, media studies

Related Subjects: Media Arts, Visual Arts

Interests: Experimental Animation, Nonfiction Animation, Film and Media, Media Arts

Julia Heineccius

Expertise: 3D metals

Related Subjects: Visual Arts

Steven Hendricks

Expertise: book arts, literature, creative writing

Related Subjects: Literature, Language, and Communication, Visual Arts

Robert Leverich

Expertise: visual arts, architecture

Related Subjects: Visual Arts

Alexander McCarty

Expertise: 3D studio art

Related Subjects: Visual Arts

Kate Napolitan

Expertise: teacher education, graphic design

Related Subjects: Community Field-Based Studies, Visual Arts, History

Interests: community-based teacher education, democratic education, public education, social and political foundations of education in the United States, typography and bookmaking.

Shaw Osha (Flores)

Expertise: visual arts, painting, drawing

Related Subjects: Media Arts, Visual Arts

John Shattuck

Expertise: woodworking

Related Subjects: Visual Arts

Bruce Thompson

Expertise: ceramics

Related Subjects: Visual Arts