Faculty Spotlight

Faculty Spotlight, March 2019

Mingxia Li

Mingxia Li (writing as Zhang Er) saw her translation of American poet John Ashbery's poetry published on Contemporary International Poetry #9 (当代国际诗坛9, Beijing) and Poetry Island (诗歌岛, WeChat platform) in the past few months. Her own poetry was featured in Poetry Half-Monthly (诗歌半月刊, 2018, issue 12).

Douglas Schuler

Doug Schuler's students at Impact Hub Shanghai in April 2018

Douglas Schuler's chapter "A Hacking Atlas: Holistic Hacking in the Urban Theater" was just published online and in the Springer book The Hackable City: Digital Media and Collaborative City-Making in the Network Society edited by Michiel de Lange and Martijn de Waal. Schuler discusses seven "spaces" in which urban civic hacking" can occur. He also had the opportunity to provide a counterpoint article and short video, titled "E-Democracy Won’t Save Democracy. Democracy Will Save Democracy" which asserts that the lack of computing support is not the problem with ailing democracies. In addition, he conducted a workshop focused on progressive education in China using pattern cards from his Liberating Voices book at the Impact Hub Shanghai on April 14, 2018. His students from Xing Wei College and interested people from Shanghai and beyond participated in the four hour workshop.

Julia Heineccius

Julia Heineccius presented at the "On Mentorship: Cranbrook Academy of Art Craft Symposium" in February 2019. This gathering generated dialogue between artist alumni in the fiber, ceramics, and metals fields who are engaged in critical practices and mentor the next generation of makers. They were joined by Glenn Adamson, writer and curator working across craft, design, and contemporary art. The artists took part in group panel discussions to consider the trajectory of arts education and provide insight into the future of the field of craft. (https://cranbrookart.edu/event/on-mentorship-cranbrook-academy-of-art-craft-symposium/)

John Kirkpatrick

John Kirkpatrick and fellow researchers out on sea ice

John Kirkpatrick recently published two articles as author or co-author. In June, "Methane-oxidizing seawater microbial communities from an Arctic shelf" was published in Biogeosciences, examining the relationship between sea ice and methane consuming bacteria. In September, "Dark N2 fixation: nifH expression in the redoxcline of the Black Sea" came out in Aquatic Microbial Ecology.

Eirik Steinhoff

Cover of A Fiery Flying Roule

Eirik Steinhoff discussed his new book, A Fiery Flying Roule: to all the inhabitants of the earth; specially to the rich ones (Station Hill Press + Publication Studio Hudson, 2018) at an Art Lecture in week 2 of Spring Quarter 2018. He read twice from his work in Seattle in the spring and in the summer: once as part of the monthlong “Red May” series and once with Roy Scranton at Elliott Bay Book Company. He sponsored a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship focused on critical literacy and liberation education, and participated in the two-day “Pop-Ed Lab” hosted by Anthony Zaragoza at Evergreen’s Tacoma campus. He has joined the Education Advisory Board of the Freedom Education Project Puget Sound, and along with several students currently enrolled in the Gateways program participated in October in the daylong Criminal Justice Summit hosted by the Black Prisoners Caucus at Stafford Creek Corrections Center outside Aberdeen. For Return to Evergreen this past fall, he and Carri LeRoy co-facilitated a field trip for a busload of Evergreen alums to Mount St. Helens, where they indulged in fieldwork, wrote haiku, and shared good times.

Vuslat Katsanis

Cover of The Bosphorus Review of Books #9

Vuslat D. Katsanis has two literary translations published and forthcoming. Her translation of “The Night” (“Gece”), written in Turkish by Öznur Kutkan, was published in the ninth issue of The Bosphorus Review of Books in May 2018. Her translation of “Yearning” (“Özlem”) by the same author is forthcoming in the 2019 Portland Review print anthology, Unchartable: On Environmental Unknowns. She will be joining three other contributors for the Unchartable release reading at Powell's Books in Portland on April 12th. Her reading of “Yearning” will be followed by a panel discussion of the “Unchartable” theme with the anthology’s editors and featured authors.

Michael Vavrus

Cover of Intersectionality of Race, Ethnicity, Class, and Gender in Teaching and Teacher Education

Michael Vavrus co-edited the 2018 book Intersectionality of Race, Ethnicity, Class, and Gender in Teaching and Teacher Education: Movement Toward Equity in Education (Brill Publishers: Leiden, The Netherlands). He also authored the chapter “Movement Toward a ‘Third Reconstruction’ and Educational Equity” that served as the “Afterword” to the 14-chapter book. The book grew out of Michael’s work with the professional organization “Critical Examination of Race, Ethnicity, Class, and Gender,” a special interest group of the American Educational Research Association.

John Withey

Image of sage grouse

John Withey has been collaborating with a working group funded by SNAPP (Science for Nature and People Program) on "Better Land-Use Decisions" focused on sage grouse habitat. The group has a paper out in PLOS One that considers the extent to which the sage grouse serves as an “umbrella species” by providing protections for other species from localized and landscape-scale threats

Marla Elliott

Marla Beth Elliott performed with her band, The Righteous Mothers, at the annual conference of the Society of American Law Teachers (SALT) at Loyola University in New Orleans on January 4, 2019. The Righteous Mothers’ bass player, Professor Lisa Brodoff, was receiving the SALT Great Teacher Award for her work incorporating music and play into her teaching at Seattle University School of Law.

Zoltan Grossman

Cover of Environmental Activism on the Ground

Zoltán Grossman contributed “Native/Non-Native Alliances: Challenging Fossil Fuel Industry Shipping at Pacific Northwest Ports,” in the new University of Calgary Press anthology Environmental Activism on the Ground: Small Green and Indigenous Organizing. His University of Washington Press book Unlikely Alliances: Native Nations and White Communities Join to Defend Rural Lands was reviewed in Yes!, Race & Class, Antipode, Transmotion, and H-Net, and he gave a book reading at Elliott Bay Book Co. in Seattle. He has also compared U.S. and Hungarian demonizations of refugees and Jews and compared “Fascism Denial” to climate change denial in Counterpunch.

Sandra Yannone

Sandra Yannone facilitated a Sonnet Party with a follow-up reading sponsored by the Olympia Poetry Network in October. In December, she was the featured poet at the 30th Anniversary World AIDS Day celebration sponsored by the Pierce County AIDS Foundation. She read and Olympia's Heartsparkle Players interpreted her poem “The Next Open Space” during their monthly Playback Theatre Performance event.

Image from Appearing As Regular Men by Steve Davis

Steve Davis is a semi-finalist for the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition, for "Appearing As Regular Men." The image shows prison inmates appearing in civilian clothing. 

Sean Williams

Sean Williams wrote a short grammar book over winter break. Titled English Grammar: 100 Tragically Common Mistakes and How to Correct Them, the book is deliberately lighthearted. Based on Sean's Captain Grammar Pants persona on Facebook, its chapters include "The Grammar Hall of Fame," "Punctuation Saves Lives," "You Keep Using that Word," and "You Don't Say! (Actually, Don't Say It)." It will be published by Zephyros Press in July 2019.

Suzanne Simons

Suzanne Simons’ poetry has appeared in three venues recently: in concrete as part of a permanent poetry exhibit at the new Olympia ice park downtown between Capitol Lake and Bayview Thriftway; in an anthology of Olympia poetry, I Hear Olympia Singing; and as part of a wilderness exhibit at the Josephy Cultural Center in Joseph, Oregon.

Sarah Eltantawi

Sarah Eltantawi on panel at One Zambia One Nation event

Sarah Eltantawi presented on her book Shari'ah on Trial: Northern NIgeria's Islamic Revolution at Georgetown University and Swarthmore College in the spring 2018. In the summer, Sarah travelled to Lusaka, Zambia to attend an author meets critic event on her book between herself and members of the African Association for the Study of Religions. Also in the summer, Sarah presented on her new work on political Islam in Egypt at the World Conference for Middle Eastern Studies in Seville, Spain. Sarah also conducted research in Cairo, Egypt, and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In the fall, Sarah presented in a European-Union sponsored workshop on "uses of the past in Islamic law" at the University of Exeter in the UK. She also participated in an author meets critic event at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver with Rumee Ahmed, author of the new book, Shari'ah Compliant. Earlier in the year she published her commentary on Ahmed's book on the Immanent Frame.

Nancy Koppelman

Nancy Koppelman at Kazakhstan's Taraz State Pedagogical University

In May 2018, Nancy Koppelman was an invited guest at the first national institute of the Academic Engagement Network, an organization of over 600 faculty from more than 200 campuses nationwide who challenge the Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions movement (BDS) with interdisciplinary study of the state of Israel and the Israel/Palestine conflict. Nancy presented her paper "Mastering Motion: A Values Analysis of the American Velocipede, 1868-69" at the International Cycling History Conference in London in June; it will be published in the conference’s proceedings later this year. Her study entitled “A Colonial ‘Living History’ Museum Addresses Colonialism: Plimoth Plantation in the 21st Century” was used at the Native Cases Institute last summer, and has been published by the Native Cases Project. For three weeks in October Nancy brought Evergreen to Kazakhstan where she was a Visiting Scholar at Taraz State Pedagogical University, a teachers’ college in Jambyl Province (see photos). While there, she also participated in an international Content and Language Integrated Learning Conference; her paper was entitled “Humanities Teaching as Language Teaching: Challenges and Opportunities,” and has been published in the conference’s proceedings.

Jeff Antonelis-Lapp

Emeritus faculty Jeff Antonelis-Lapp recently signed a publishing agreement with Washington State University Press for Tahoma: The Place and Its People, a natural history of Mount Rainier National Park. Emeritus faculty Lucia Harrison is providing pen and ink drawings. The projected release date is spring 2020.

Shawn Hazboun

Shawn Hazboun (Shawn Olson-Hazboun) published two co-authored journal articles examining how residents of fossil fuels dependent localities perceive renewable energy: “The Influence of Extractive Activities on Public Support for Renewable Energy Policy” in Energy Policy 123 and “’Why Are We Being Punished and They Are Being Rewarded?’ Perceptions of Renewable Energy in Extractive Communities” in Extractive Industries and Society 5(3). She also published a popular source piece in The Conversation, “Companies blocked from using West Coast ports to export fossil fuels keep seeking workarounds,” about how communities up and down the West Coast are responding to proposals for fossil fuels export facilities.

Dharshi Bopegedera

Dharshi Bopegedera's students conducting a kinetics lab

Dharshi Bopegedera published an article in the October 2018 issue of the American Chemical Society’s Journal of Chemical Education: “A Second Look at the Kinetics of the Iron–Oxygen Reaction: Determination of the Total Order Using a Greener Approach” highlights an experiment conducted multiple times with her students at Evergreen to help them understand the reaction rate of the rusting of iron. She also presented a paper at the Washington College Chemistry Teachers Association’s 26th Annual Conference in October 2018. This presentation, “Using Tie-dye as an effective and engaging tool to introduce polymer concepts to beginning chemistry students,” highlighted an article she published on this same topic in the November 2017 issue of Journal of Chemical Education. At this conference, she also served as a liaison for the Puget Sound Section of the American Chemical Society, where she serves as a Councilor. Dharshi was also awarded a coveted travel grant by the Division of Chemical Education (DivCHED) of the American Chemical Society (ACS) to participate and present a paper as part of the Chemical Education Program at the ACS National Meeting & Exposition in April 2019.

Peter Dorman's report, "The Impact of HIV and AIDS on the World of Work: Global Estimates," was published by the International Labor Organization last May 24. He spoke at the launch of the report in Geneva along with representatives from the ILO and UNAIDS. This report is available for download at the ILO website.