Faculty Directory

Evergreen’s faculty members are distinguished both in scholarship and by their dedication to teaching.

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Gleen Landram

Glenn Landram

Expertise: management science, statistics

Related Subjects: Business and Economics

Barbara Laners

Barbara Laners

Expertise: law, political science

Related Subjects: Politics and Government

Corey Larson

Barbara Leen

Amy Leneker

Expertise: public adminstration

Related Subjects: Politics and Government

Carri LeRoy

Carri LeRoy

Expertise: freshwater ecology, quantitative biology, environmental education

Related Subjects: Biological Sciences, Environmental Studies/Agriculture

Charles Lev

Expertise: acupuncture, holistic medicine

Related Subjects: Consciousness Studies

Robert Leverich

Robert Leverich

Expertise: visual arts, architecture

Related Subjects: Visual Arts

Mingxia Li

Mingxia Li

Expertise: biology, Chinese cultural studies, molecular pharmacology

Related Subjects: Biological Sciences, Literature, Language, and Communication, Cultural Studies

Rafael Lozano

Rafael Lozano

Expertise: military history, communications, veterans affairs and policy

Related Subjects: Community Field-Based Studies, Social Sciences, Politics and Government

John MacLean

Carlos Marentes

Carrie Margolin

Expertise: cognitive psychology

Related Subjects: Social Sciences

Andrea Martin

Erin Martin

Expertise: chemical oceanography, biogeochemistry, freshwater ecology

Related Subjects: Environmental Studies/Agriculture

Allen Mauney

Expertise: mathematics, history of science

Related Subjects: Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science

Nathaniel May

David McAvity

David McAvity

Expertise: mathematics, physics

Related Subjects: Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science

Alex McCarty

Alexander McCarty

Expertise: 3D studio art

Related Subjects: Visual Arts

John McCoy

Paul McCreary Portrait

Paul McCreary

Expertise: mathematics, 3-D modeling

Related Subjects: Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science

Lydia McKinstry

Expertise: organic chemistry

Related Subjects: Chemistry

Paul McMillin

Expertise: historical sociology, information studies

Related Subjects: Politics and Government, Social Sciences

John Mcnamara Portrait

John McNamara

Laurie Meeker

Laurie Meeker

Expertise: film and video production, media theory

Related Subjects: Media Arts, Media and Film