Classes in Grays Harbor

You can finish your bachelor’s degree without leaving Grays Harbor, or switch between courses in Gray's Harbor and in Olympia.

Each year we offer 8 to 12 credits on the campus of Grays Harbor College, including an interdisciplinary program. These offerings are for students who have at least junior-level standing. You must be admitted to Evergreen to attend. See current offerings in the online catalog

Finding Respect, Confidence, and Success in the Harbor

Denise Carpenter succeeded at Evergreen in Grays Harbor

Grays Harbor resident Denise Carpenter was able to finish her Evergreen degree through weekend classes on the Grays Harbor College campus.

Denise Carpenter was injured in 2005 after 30 years of physical labor. She realized that she couldn’t return to the work she knew but didn’t have the skills to start a new path in an office setting.

“All the classes I’ve taken have pulled off boards I’ve put up around myself, protecting myself from racial hatred. I have a voice now, respect, confidence. It seemed terrifying to return to school at 50, but it’s been an amazing journey. I started off with the mentality of I think I can, and now I’m saying I did it,” says Carpenter, a member of the Makah tribe who is planning to earn her master of public administration degree from Evergreen.