The Equity Council

Mission Statement

The Council has listened to the concerns of students, staff, and faculty from historically underserved communities. Their experiences place faces and names to the equity gaps that exist on our campus. We are therefore compelled and committed to take actions that improve outcomes for the most underserved members of our community. Over the course of the 2016-17 academic year, we are proposing a paradigm shift, grounded in the College's long-standing diversity efforts, to an institution-wide approach that establishes a culture of inquiry, grounded in equity, aimed at supporting the success of all our students.

2016-17 Strategic Equity Plan

Equity in higher education refers to creating opportunities for equal access and success among underserved student populations, such as students of color and low-income students. In the postsecondary education research community, equity is defined in three ways: representational equity, the proportional representation of underserved populations within the student body and also the representation of underrepresented faculty and staff at all levels of the institution; resource equity, which takes into account the educational resources that are directed at closing equity gaps in student learning and student success; and equity-mindedness which involves institutional leaders (faculty, staff, and administration) demonstrating an awareness and a willingness to address equity issues. The objective of the Equity and Inclusion Council (formerly known as the Diversity and Equity Council), as outlined in President George Bridge’s charge, is to “[advance] Evergreen’s commitment to and aspirations for greater equity, diversity, and inclusion of under-represented populations in our campus community” through the development of “proactive, strategic, and sustained initiatives for progressive institutional change.”

As a Council, we offer the following recommendations in the hopes of promoting more equitable practices in all of the above areas by transforming our current systems of governance, campus-wide education, and faculty and staff hiring development. We also propose a broader use of data to determine and assess our equity goals, as Evergreen strives to become a more student-ready college.

Equity Data Sets

To draft the Stratgic Equity Plan, the Council utilized several sets of quantitative and qualitative data, generated both internally by Institutional Research (IR) and externally by student demands. Below, please find a list of the data examined in reaching the Council's recommendations.

Council Members

The Council is composed of positions holding responsibility for specific aspects of this collective work as well as at-large members who contribute to the direction and focus of the initiatives. Members will be appointed by the President to serve staggered three-year terms.


  • Bentse Bianbaciren (Fiscal Specialist, Advancement)
  • Felix Braffith (Director of TRiO Student Success)
  • Laura Coghlan (Director of Institutional Research)
  • Wendy Endress (Vice President for Student Affairs)
  • Phyllis Esposito (Faculty, MiT)
  • Tracy Hall (Director of Financial Aid)
  • Olga Inglebritson (Managing Director of Tacoma Program)
  • LaToya Johnson (Office Assistant, Office of the President)
  • Tina Kuckkahn-Miller (Director of Longhouse Education and Cultural Center)
  • Emily Lardner (Faculty, Director of the Washington Center)​
  • Lorie Mastin (Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunity Officer)
  • Maxine Mimms (Faculty Emeritus)
  • Greg Mullins (Academic Dean for Instructional Support, Library & Media Services)
  • Emily Pieper (Assistant Director of Student Activities)
  • Carolyn Prouty (Faculty)
  • Juan Carlos Ruiz Duran (Student)
  • Therese Saliba (Academic Dean for Faculty Hiring)
  • Raquel Salinas (Coordinator of Student Support Programs, First Peoples Multicultural  Advising Services)
  • Steve Schmidt (Program Coordinator for Access Services)​
  • Laurel Uznanski (Associate Vice President for Human Resource Services)
  • Sonja Wiedenhaupt (Faculty)
  • Tom Womeldorff (Faculty)

Agendas and Minutes

For the 2016-17 academic year, Council meetings are generally held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month. Please find dates and locations for upcoming Equity Council meetings below as well as minutes for previous meetings.

Upcoming Meetings

None scheduled at this time.

Past Meetings