Production Support

Electronic Media (EM) provides quality technical media support and services for academic and campus events, Evergreen Conference Services, and state agencies.

Production Support Requests

Submit a production support request online.

While planning your event, plan to contact Electronic Media at least two to three weeks prior to your event date. We would like to know of your event even if you do not have all of the details finalized. Advance notice will ensure that your event flows as trouble-free as possible. Production request cost estimates will be based on the technical requirements of the individual job. An estimate will be provided prior to accepting the job.

Current Evergreen students, staff, and faculty may check out some materials through Media Loan for class-related needs. Contact either Media Loan at (360) 867-6253 or Electronic Media at (360) 867-6270 for more information.

NOTE: If your event is charging admission or asking for any type of a donation, you must contact Electronic Media to produce your event. You will be charged for all materials used through Media Loan whether they are checked out through you or Electronic Media.

  • Academic & Campus events include: students, faculty, and staff on campus supporting the college mission whether charging admission or not.
  • Commercial & External events include: conferences, alumni and all other users, including individuals, groups attending conferences on campus, or state agencies requesting service.

Changes in production requests. All productions will be planned, negotiated, and estimates provided in advance. Due to the limited amount of equipment available on a first-come-first-served basis, you will be charged for equipment you have requested and that has been reserved for you unless there is a malfunction. Please plan accordingly.

Services include:

  • Sound reinforcement for concerts, events, public address systems
  • Video and audio documentation
  • Setup and operation of multi-media equipment
  • Transfer and duplication


  • Labor and equipment costs are always charged back to the requestor if the event includes an admission fee, regardless if admission is on a donation basis. 
  • When no admission is being charged, labor is charged for non-academic related requests. Package Production Rates.

Paperwork: Coordinators of campus events are required to complete a Campus Production Report prior to the event. Bring this form to the Electronic Media front desk, Library 1501, for clearance and a review of fees well in advance of your event.

Contact a campus producer:

For audio or media equipment setup assistance contact Ben Hargett, (360) 867-6268

For video assistance contact Dave Cramton, (360) 867-5505

Production Planner: Use this guide to help with your production planning.

Electronic Media can assist you with your production planning! Whether it includes audio, video, or media presentation equipment, advance planning will help smooth the way to a successful event. Use our online Production Request Form to initiate your support request, and we'll follow up with you about your particular production needs. If you have additional questions or special considerations, please contact Ben Hargett at (360) 867-6268.

If possible, please contact us at least two weeks prior to your event to ensure support. For large, complex productions, call us as soon as you start planning -- even if all the details aren't worked out.

Here's some of the information that we'll need:

Contact Information

  • What is your responsibility to the project?
  • Who will be the lead contact for the project? Contact information? Responsibility to the project?
  • Who else will be involved with the project? Contact information and responsibility to the project?


  • What is your budget/org number?
  • What is your budget allocation for this project?

Event Information

  • Name of event
  • What is the event? Why are you holding it? What is the purpose?
  • Event date(s)
  • Event time(s)
  • Start and finish for each day and event?
  • Location of the event(s)
  • How many people will be attending?
  • Will you have presenters? Will you be working with the presenters? Will they be bringing their own equipment?

Location and Space Reservations

  • Have you reserved room/location space(s)?
  • Did you include enough time for media setup, facilities setup, your setup, and removal of all gear and clean up?
  • Media setup note: EM usually needs a minimum of 2 hours prior to the start of an event for setup. Check with and EM producer to help determine what your reservation time requests should be when planning for media.

Room Setup Considerations

  • Have you contacted Facilities? Will you need staging? Stage? Lecturn? Tables? Chairs?
  • What is the room setup? It will be helpful to create a diagram.
  • If you are in the Longhouse, you will need to contact Facilities for wall moves or bleacher moves.

Media Needs

  • Equipment needed: Video, audio, presentation. Check our rates to help think through what you might need. Check our packages to see if one is appropriate for the event.
  • Does the event include music? How big of a sound system will it require? Inside or out? Live music or pre-recorded?
  • Mic stands?
  • Time you need to have all equipment in place and working
  • Is there an appropriate power source nearby?
  • Will you need to have a technician stay for the duration?

Special Considerations

  • Anticipating any possible changes to the itinerary? Rain/snow/tornado/earthquake plans? Back up dates and locations?
  • Training -- are you or your presenters trained to use our audio/video/media equipment and/or media classrooms? Call Electronic Media x6270 for help.
  • Keys -- will you need keys to facilities? Are you authorized to obtain campus keys? Call Electronic Media x6270 or Key Issues x5397.

Student Activities Groups

  • Student Activities: have you completed your Campus Production Report? Contact (360) 867-6220 for more information.

Other Campus Help

Tables, Chairs, Lecterns, Staging
Longhouse, Kitchen, Wall Moves and Bleachers
Space Scheduling
Student Activities
Conference Services