Electronic Media Lab Access

Electronic Media maintains and supports a variety of media facilities, most of which require a proficiency test before they can be used. All of the labs are for academic use only.



Schedule a proficiency test.

Some of these spaces include:

  • 2D and 3D Animation Labs:  They require a 90 minute proficiency.  There is more information on the Animation Proficiency page.
  • Audio Mixing Benches: They require a 30-60 minutes proficiency with a lab aide.
  • Multimedia Lab:  The Multimedia Lab does not require a proficiency but students should check in with the lab aides about lab policies. 
  • Video Editing: They require a short proficiency covering the lab policies and procedures.  Read the MML lab use guidelines.
  • Sound Effects Studio: This lab requires a 60 minute proficiency covering the recording process and lab policy.

Media Facility Usage Policy 

Usage of these resources is a privilege and any violation of the policy may result in loss of access or financial charges.  


All facilities are available to currently enrolled students, faculty, or staff to complete academic related projects. All users must have current proficiency status before scheduling the labs. Recreational use, or use resulting in personal or monetary gain is strictly prohibited. To schedule a proficiency please fill out the request form.


Scheduling is done at Media Loan and the Multimedia Lab during business hours. Only use time that you are scheduled for and only use the lab that you have scheduled. Please cancel scheduled time at Media Loan or the Multimedia Lab. If you repeatedly fail to use scheduled facilities, or show up late, you may lose access.

Scheduling the Audio Studios in the Communications Building (Com 111a, Com 212a, Com 118) and Library (Lib 1360) as well as the Music Technology Labs follow the Audio Studio scheduling policy. 

Once you have reserved time for a lab, verify your booking under the Schedule Evergreen section of my.evergreen. 


To gain access to a facility you must checkout keys from Media Loan under your account. After your scheduled time promptly return keys to Media Loan.  Never lend or borrow keys. Notify staff immediately if keys are lost or stolen. Keeping keys past return dates may be grounds for loss of access privileges. Loss of keys may result in re-keying charges.


When you have time scheduled and keys checked out, you are responsible for the facility and its contents.  Never provide access to others into buildings or secure rooms. Never prop doors open or leave them unlocked. Contact staff and Police Services if there is missing significant equipment, or signs of vandalism or theft. Failure to do so may result in your being held responsible.


Every time that you use a facility that has a logbook, you must sign the logbook and include: your name, the date, time in, time out, and record any issues with the space or technical problems in detail. Please be specific to assist staff in resolving problems. 

Food and Drinks, Drugs and Hygiene


Campus policy prohibits use of facilities while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

No perfume or strong smelling substances. Please practice appropriate personal hygiene as these are public facilities, and may have many users.


No items should ever be removed from a facility at any time.  Do not unplug or patch any equipment aside from use of patch bays. Do not alter system settings, or attempt to install or remove equipment. Do not alter, move, or disassemble equipment.

File Storage

The computer stations are a shared resource. You are responsible for backing up your work.  All files will be deleted at the end of evaluation week from all drives, including network storage.


Do not tamper with files that are not your own.  Always ask a staff or lab aide if you need to free up file space.  Do not attempt to alter the system folder, change extensions, or settings except as needed to use the applications. Any attempts to modify and/or copy protected files, system settings, security configurations, applications or other content, or any creation of objects other than application generated files, may result in loss of access.

Disciplinary Procedures 

Any violation of the use policy can result in a temporary suspension of access. You will be contacted by the staff responsible for the space, and you will need to meet with them and discuss the situation. Failure to operate under these policies resulting in repeated suspensions, egregious intentional violations (equipment altering, use of space without scheduling, staying in spaces after hours, etc) may result in immediate permanent loss of access. You can request a meeting with the Associate Director of Media Services and a mutually agreed neutral party to discuss problems and their resolutions.