Audio Facilities Info

Changes due to COVID-19


Electronic Media will be working remotely until further notice. To reach us, email Electronic Media.


All media labs are closed for Summer 2020 and Fall 2020.


Remote production support may be available; check the Production page for more information. Support requests can be submitted through the Remote Media Production Request.


For additional info about operations during the pandemic, please refer to the Media Services homepage and the Evergreen COVID-19 site.


Updated August 10th, 2020.

Make an Audio Studio Equipment Reservation (current audio students only).

Electronic Media offers introductory and advanced-level audio facilities. All labs require proficiency tests which can be covered in curriculum incorporated in programs or individual study. The labs are only available for academic work.

General Access Labs:

General Access labs are spaces that any student can gain access to after completing a short proficiency test (scheduled via the Media Facility Proficiency Request Form).  These labs are available 24-hours/day on days in which the campus is open.

  • Audio Mix Benches:  Apple iMac-based labs for mixing, editing, and voiceover work. The Mix Benches are equipped with Digital Performer, Pro Tools, Adobe Creative Cloud, and various plugins.
  • 5.1 Mix Room:  Surround sound mixing facility with auxiliary classroom function. It is not equipped (or intended) for recording.
  • Sound Effects Studio:  Mac-based digital recording studio with a selection of floor surfaces, Foley pits, and a variety of objects for creating sound effects. The room also has tie lines to the Audio Lab Control Room next door.

Audio Studios:

The Audio Studios are complex audio recording facilities that require proficiency testing in order to access. Access to these facilities is limited to students enrolled in the Audio Recording or Multitrack Composition classes, or to approved ILC students that have taken these classes previously (some exceptions may apply).

  • Audio Lab:  Evergreen's introductory recording studio built around a Toft ATB 16, Yamaha O2R96, and Otari MX5050mkIII 8-track 1/2" tape machine.
  • Performance / Production Studio and Recital Hall:  Large performance spaces with intermediate-level analog and digital recording studios. Each is centered around a 16-channel API 1608 console and Apple Mac Pro.
  • Advanced Multitrack Studio:  Evergreen's flagship audio recording facility, featuring a 32-channel Neve 5088 console, vintage outboard gear, and several tape machines including an Ampex MM1200 16-track 2" tape machine.  It includes a control room, tracking room, and isolation booth.



Scheduling procedures, refer to the EM Lab Access Page.

For more information, contact Audio/Music Technologies Manager Patrick LaBahn at (360) 867-5277, or Audio Support at (360) 867-5838.