Joy Hobbs

Research Scientist

Joy Ramstack Hobbs is an aquatic ecologist whose research interests revolve around using lake sediments to determine the environmental history of lakes and their watersheds. She also has a strong interest in science education and mentoring undergraduate and graduate students in primary research as well as career development. Many of her research projects involve diatoms, which are single-celled, microscopic algae that are found in nearly every lake and stream around the world. They form a cell wall made of biologically produced glass, which preserves well in lake-bottom sediments, and different species can be identified by the unique pattern of this glass cell wall. Diatoms are sensitive to changes in their aquatic environment, and the community composition of diatoms in the sediments can tell us about past conditions in a lake or stream. M.S., Lehigh University, (Geological Sciences), 2000 B.A., Hartwick College, (Biology), 1996

Expertise: Acquatic Ecology

Contact Information

(360) 867-6621
Building: Lab II
Room: 3265
Mailstop: LAB2 2257

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