Academic Program Support

Academic Program Secretaries work in three areas

  1. Academic Program Support (office operations and production) 
  2. Administrative Support (direct services to 240+ instructional faculty at all of our campuses)
  3. Other Duties (specialized projects as needed)

We also have an Area Supervisor (Susan DeRosa) to respond to questions about what we do and how we do it. Contact your program secretary at: COM and SEM I, SEM II, LAB I, LAB II, and EWS.

Academic Program Support

  • Produce official narrative evaluations and academic program materials
  • Process forms (travel authorities, expense vouchers, cash advances, petty cash vouchers, invoice vouchers, request for contract services forms, campus production forms, campus production reports, personal service agreements, personnel forms, etc.)
  • Coordinate faculty supplies requests, assign faculty mailboxes, and distribute mail
  • Facilitate the hiring, orientation, training, and supervision of student staff
  • Liaise with various areas of the College (Registration & Records, Financial Aid, Business Services, Facilities, etc.) as needed; schedule academic rooms/areas not managed by Space Scheduling

Administrative Support for Instructional Faculty

  • Serve as first point of contact for students, staff, faculty, and visitors; answer questions and make referrals on college information, important dates, resources available
  • Troubleshoot issues with office machines (fax, printer, copier, etc.), network problems, and computer applications
  • Prepare correspondence (from recommendation letters and financial aid verifications to resumes and other related paperwork)
  • Copy and print from your storage media and email
  • Scan, fax, and type from books, handwritten copy and emails
  • Act on instructional faculty's behalf while away from office; post notices as needed

Other Duties

  • Initiate work orders for Maintenance and Custodial divisions
  • Train faculty on new equipment and technical upgrades
  • Coordinate arrangements with Media Loan/Services
  • Administer student exams
  • Produce specialized publications (grants, manuscripts, promotional flyers, press releases, etc.)
  • Conduct web research for specific topical assignments
  • Coordinate conference/workshop materials (mail merges, labels, handouts, etc.)
  • Serve on special committees and/or projects

Area Supervisor

  • Track evaluations and workload
  • Ensure office coverage
  • Monitor and reconcile budgets; plan expenditures in program offices
  • Coordinate resolution of all conflicts and/or concerns that arise within the academic program offices between program secretaries, staff, students, and/or faculty
  • Act on behalf of faculty for rush and problem evaluations; liaise with Academic Advising and Academic Deans to expedite contracts and signature approval for student registration in Banner