Working Remotely

All time worked remotely should be recorded in your timesheet as normal, including any overtime. Payroll is being processed normally.

Please review the college's interim Telework Policy.

Remote work technology

A page of teleworking FAQs has been added to the help wiki with information about remote desktop access, access to file shares, voicemail, Zoom, and other resources.

If you have technology needs that cannot be met with your existing equipment, submit a New Technology Request.

Cell phones

Some employees had college-issued cell phones before the COVID-19 situation, based on their work needs. The college has not decided whether to issue more cell phones or introduce reimbursement for use of personal cell phones.

Home internet and WiFi

We are exploring the complex issues presented by college-supported home internet for employees who are working remotely. There is not currently an institutional approach to supporting, providing or reimbursing home internet for employees.

The Washington State Department of Commerce has a map listing more than 400 wifi hotspots. Each listing includes information about availability times and login requirements. More are added daily.

The hotspots closest to Evergreen are at the Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater Timberland libraries. Wifi is also available at a variety of locations in Shelton and outer rural areas.

Personal use of Zoom accounts

We recommend that you create a free Zoom account for personal use. Using Evergreen accounts for personal use introduces questions about public records and data security. For the paid accounts, you may also put yourself at risk of violating ethics rules for Washington state employees.

Safety in your home workspace

Ergonomics are as important for your home workspace as they are for your on-campus workspace. Consider adjusting work practices to promote general health and wellbeing.

  • Review these tips for workspace ergonomics (PDF).

  • Be thoughtful about videoconferencing time: schedule Zoom meetings for 50 minutes or less or including scheduled stretch and movement breaks.

  • Communicate with your supervisor about any Evergreen office equipment or supplies you are using or need to use to work more efficiently. Supervisors are responsible for keeping track of equipment and inventory.

  • Supervisors are encouraged to make reasonable judgments about staff coming back to campus to gather supplies and equipment from their office while following social distancing guidelines and protocols for retrieving items and supplies from campus. Moving office furniture or other large items to your home is unlikely to fall within the scope of these recommendations.

  • Supervisors can work with budget managers to determine if new equipment is necessary and appropriate for our current work environment.

  • As always, employees with a documented disability wanting to request accommodations can find information at the Accommodating Disabilities website.