Student Housing & COVID-19

For general information about COVID-19, including symptoms and current recommendations, see the CDC website or visit Evergreen's general information page on COVID-19.

We are providing limited housing and dining options to those students who need a safe place to stay. If you are able, please return to your permanent residence. Consult with your family to determine where you should live for the duration of Spring 2020.

If you must stay on campus, Residential and Dining Services is committed to providing you with as much support as possible, given the circumstances.

The physical location of the main Housing office is not currently open, however we are operating remotely and are still answering phone calls and voicemails to the best of our ability. The most consistent way to reach us now is by email at

If you are currently off-campus and not planning to live on campus during Spring 2020

Please make sure you have registered via  and told us your housing plans.

If you have been off campus, we have completely refunded your spring meal plan, and refunded all but $200 of your spring rent.  For example, if you were billed $2,000 for spring rent, you will receive an $1800 rent refund this week, and receive the remaining $200 when you check out. 

  • We will retain $200 of your spring rent as a deposit, in the event that you do not return to check out of housing and remove your belongings. 
  • When you check out of housing: we will assess your space, bill you for any cleaning and damage charges, and refund the final $200 of your rent.   
  • If you are unable to return to campus, or arrange for a designee to pick up your belongings, we will charge your student account to empty your room and donate your belongings to charity.  
  • If you have a credit balance on your student account, contact Student Financial Services at to arrange receipt of your funds. 

Checking Out: 

Appointments in May: 

  • Around May 1 we plan to begin scheduling appointments to return to campus and check out between May 5 and May 15. 

Petition for earlier check out appointment: 

  • If you have an urgent need to check out before the “stay home, stay healthy” order ends on May 4, please do the following: 
  • Email with the subject line ‘early check out appointment’ 
  • Tell us why you need to check out of housing before the “stay home, stay healthy” order ends 
  • We will review requests on a case by case basis. 

If you can’t return to campus after the “stay home, stay healthy” order ends: 

  • Email with the subject line ‘can’t return to campus’ 
  • Tell us about your situation and desired outcome in terms of your belongings 
  • We will provide information on the following options: 
    • Authorizing a friend or family member to collect your belongings 
    • Paying to store your items 
    • Donating your belongings to charity

If you are currently on campus but plan to leave

  • Empty all trash and remove all belongings from your space.  We are not taking free store donations so please properly dispose of or donate your unwanted items.
  • Close your windows and lock your doors.
  • Check your mailbox and pick up any packages.
  • Update your mailing address at
  • Drop your keys in HCC or A Building drop box.
  • Email with subject line ‘moved out’, that’s all we need to know.

When we receive the email and your keys we will give you a prorate rent and meal plan refund:​

If you need to remain on campus

  • Dining is available to-go only, see the dining website for details and hours.
  • Please plan to have two weeks of medication, food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and other essentials in case you become ill.​

Please avoid unnecessary socializing and contact; stay 6 feet away from other housing residents when possible.

There are things you can do in order to reduce risk and manage the anxiety that inevitably comes with an over abundance of news related to COVID-19.

  • Be connected: use FaceTime, or schedule a Zoom Dinner Party, or social hour with friends or family.
  • Be well: Get some fresh air. We have 1000 acres of woods and trails on campus. Go outside and get a breath of the forest, while staying 6 ft. away from others.
  • Be calm for a few minutes a day. A variety of meditation and mindfulness apps and videos are available online. Connect to TAO (Therapy Assistance Online) for support and self help 24/7.
  • Be clean: Clean and sanitize your living space multiple times a day if you are living with other people. Read the CDC Cleaning guidelines.
  • Be entertained: take time to catch up on those movies and books you’ve had on your list.

If a quarantine involving students becomes necessary, we will take direction from Thurston County Public Health. We are currently planning a multi-faceted response that would include providing food service and/or moving students off-campus or to sequestered areas of housing.

Housing Community Center (HCC) Services

Don’t congregate in the HCC and keep social distancing rules in effect.

  • HCC hours: 10 am —10 pm daily
  • The Laundry room will remain open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • The HCC mailroom package pickup is temporarily unavailable. 
    • Packages may be picked up in the main campus mailroom on the first floor of the Library Building from 8:30am to 4:00pm.
    • Letter delivery and package notifications will continue to be delivered to mailboxes in the HCC. 
    • Mailboxes for letter pickup are accessible anytime the HCC is open.

If you remain on campus and are not feeling well

  • Practice social distancing and good hygiene.
  • Call the Student Wellness Center at (360) 867-6200 for help M-F.
  • Do not go to the Student Wellness Center unless you are asked to do so.
  • Visit the student housing website for more information. 
  • You can ask a friend to help by picking up a To-Go Meal from the POD Market in the HCC. Find out what you need to get a To-Go Meal.