Update to Staff - Status of Working Remotely at Evergreen

May 1, 2020

Dear Staff Colleagues,

In last week’s message to staff, I indicated that we anticipated some modification to the Governor’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order.  During yesterday’s press conference, the Governor stated that the “Stay Home/Stay Healthy” order is being extended; however, he did not indicate for how long.  We are hoping to learn more information from the Governor about the duration and modifications to the order over the next few days and/or weeks. 

Until we receive additional guidance, Evergreen’s current altered operations and telework arrangements will remain in place for staff.  Supervisors will continue to be responsible for directing their staff on who is essential personnel and required to work on campus and who is required to work remotely. 

Employees who are currently designated by their supervisor as being eligible to receive paid administrative leave (if the employee’s responsibilities are not needed at a particular time) will continue to receive administrative leave until further notice.  We anticipate announcing modifications to the parameters for using paid administrative leave in the near future.   

We continue to recognize that with schools out, many daycare centers closed, and elders isolated, many of you continue to balance work obligations with providing care to your children and/or support to elderly family members or relatives.  We remain committed to supporting employees who are working under these challenging circumstances.

We continue to make safety of employees a top priority and will follow the best public health guidance available as we continue to navigate this difficult time.

Take care,

Laurel R. Uznanski, SPHR
Associate Vice President for Human Resource Services