Guidelines for Distribution of Supplies and Equipment

Remote operations

The College will limit in-person distribution of supplies and equipment while the Stay Home — Stay Healthy order is in place to items essential for operations and remote learning, including:

  • Mail
  • Checks
  • Food
  • Keys
  • Emergency supplies
  • Chromebooks
  • Other technical equipment that enables remote working

Hybrid operations

As the College moves into Hybrid operations following the Governor’s Safe Start Plan, other material may be distributed and on a more routine basis. Depending on the phase of the Safe Start plan, this will be done through pick-up and drop-off services or by walk-in.

Each distribution activity and station must go through a Job Hazard Analysis according to the current COVID-19 Safety Plan established for the relevant work area.

General Distribution Protocols

If possible, distribute items by mail. The Bookstore has set up a mailing service for distributing items that they sell to students. The Mail Room may ask work area leads to pick up and drop off college mail from the Mail Room while offices are on reduced hours or are locked.

Employees are directed to wash hands for 20 seconds or sanitize hands prior to handling items for distribution and after collecting items. They should refrain from touching their face.

Distribution stations and distributed items should be wiped down or sanitized prior to distribution whenever possible.

Person-to-person handoff of equipment is discouraged.

  • No attendant is required for low cost items, such as paper handouts that will be distributed by the Copy Center in the library lobby. These may be picked up as self-service.
  • When an attendant is required to monitor distribution, employ physical separation techniques at the distribution site, such as using a tray or box passed over a counter or table. Appropriate PPE is required, as defined in the site's COVID-19 Safety Plan. Cloth masks are the minimal requirement.
  • If in-person hand-off is required for large or heavy items, both parties will wash hands before and after hand-off, and make contact brief.
  • Gloves are not advised for distribution of material, as long as appropriate care is taken with hand washing and sanitization. Gloves alone are not an adequate replacement for proper hygiene when distributing items, and can serve to further the spread if not utilized properly.
  • If used, gloves should be sanitized or changed out between the handling of items.
  • Individuals queuing at distribution sites must be separated by using markers at 6-foot intervals. You must set up signs asking individuals to maintain this separation.